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Embrace a bluer sky with the "national Fourth" standard

embrace a bluer sky with the "national Fourth" standard

China Construction machinery information

in response to China's next stage of non road machinery emission standards, Volvo panda has developed a series of engines that can maximize productivity and meet stricter emission standards

the engine of Volvo pentada will meet the new "national four" emission standard

the engine series newly developed by Volvo pentada for China's national phase IV emission standard has been optimized for the harsh off-road application environment that should be maintained moderately, making it easier to install, operate and maintain, and greatly improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. Volvo Pentax also provides a variety of flexible solutions for OEMs and operators of automatic counting devices at the same time, including engines and perfectly matched aftertreatment systems (eats). In the transition to new engines and emission standards, Volvo Pentax's technical experts are also ready to help at any time

"we have a wide and in-depth understanding of how global emissions regulations affect customers in different regions, so we can also provide high-quality services to Chinese customers to ensure that their needs can be met," said Giorgio Paris, head of Volvo Wanda Industrial Machinery Department, who has many types of testing machines

"when OEMs and operators prepare for the" national Fourth "emission standard, we are also very happy to help them adjust to ensure that they can quickly adapt to the new standard. We have experts and R & D facilities all over the world, and we have always focused on working closely with customers, so we are confident that we can well understand customers' needs and find corresponding solutions. In addition, we have also improved the fuel efficiency of the "national four" series engines. The new series of machines have the same high performance as the existing models, so operators can rest assured. "

environmental protection is an important topic in Chinese society.

the "fourth national" emission standard, which will take effect in January 2020, has not yet been published in its final version. However, it is expected that the standard will require a reduction in the amount of particulate matter and that engines in the power range of 37KW to 560 kW must be equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF). In addition, the emission of nitrogen oxides will be further limited, which can be achieved through selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

"nowadays, environmental protection issues have attracted the attention of Chinese society, especially the problem of air quality." Paris said. "For non road machinery and equipment, the current regulations in China have no requirements for the use of diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). After the introduction of the new standards, this will be a great change in the stiffness of the main engine, which requires a lot of investment from OEMs. We hope to help them achieve their goals as easily as possible."

fuel efficiency, high performance and perfect matching after-treatment system

if the "national Fourth" standard regulations are implemented as scheduled, Volvo panda's engine platform meeting the new regulations will include products with a displacement range of 5 to 13 liters and a power range of 105kW to 405kw (143 HP to 543 HP). Each solution is equipped with a high-performance engine and a perfectly matched after treatment system (eats)

for engines above 560kw, the new regulation is expected to maintain the current emission level, so it does not need to be equipped with eats or DPF. If the new regulations are consistent with expectations, Volvo Pentax will continue to provide its original 16 liter 565 kW tad1643ve-b engine

giorgio Paris, head of Volvo Pentax Industrial Machinery Department

"Volvo Pentax is committed to providing engine platforms for customers with different use needs. In the future, we will continue to provide the best solutions," Paris said

Volvo Pentax will appear at the C70 booth of BMW Shanghai China from November 27 to 30

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