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The delivery ceremony of Foton Reza Jinyu Jidong truck was a complete success. On March 8, 2021, the batch delivery ceremony of Foton Reza Jinyu Jidong (Tangshan) concrete national VI mixer of Foton Reza Jinyu group was successfully held in Tangshan, and 27 national VI mixers delivered Jinyu Jidong concrete on site. Jixiujun, Secretary of Qianxi station of Jinyu Jidong (Tangshan) concrete environmental protection technology group, Yang Jianjia, manager of environmental protection station, Wang Xiaolong, manager of Xingang station, Li Yinfeng, manager of Qianxi station, Liu Yaojie, Party Secretary of Foton Reza heavy machinery division, Yu Yue, deputy general manager of marketing company, Wang Guili, deputy director of strategic customer department, Sun Ming, regional sales manager of Tangshan, and other guests Media representatives witnessed this milestone

As the pacesetter of state-owned enterprises in Beijing, BAIC group and Jinyu group have had strategic cooperation for many years, jointly focusing on the development of industrial technology frontier and high-end industries, and jointly laying a solid foundation for promoting the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises in Beijing. And the two sides' Foton and Jinyu Jidong are examples of perfect combination and win-win cooperation. This delivery not only takes into account the impact of box printing on the compressive strength, which shows that Foton Reza and Jinyu Jidong (Tangshan) concrete are highly consistent in the concept of green environmental protection development, but also lays a solid foundation for long-term strategic cooperation in the future, promoting industrial transformation and high-quality business development, and highlights the determination of both sides to make contributions to environmental protection and urban construction, so as to promote urban construction A society that contributes to a better life presents a gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party

go hand in hand, talk about the future, and contribute to urban construction

Ji Xiujun, Secretary of the west station of Jinyu Jidong (Tangshan) concrete environmental protection technology group, delivered a speech

at the scene of the delivery ceremony, Ji Xiujun, Secretary of the west station of Jinyu Jidong (Tangshan) concrete environmental protection technology group, said: Jinyu group has been cooperating with Beijing Foton for 16 years, and his focus is on the strong power, low fuel consumption, low failure rate High attendance and excellent service quality. Relying on the technology and resource advantages of BAIC Foton, the 27 RESA guoliu mixers re purchased this time can meet the needs of high efficiency, intelligence, green environmental protection, comfort and economy. It is believed that this batch of national six mixer trucks can give full play to their advantages of lightweight, economy, adaptability and intelligent interconnection, and contribute to urban construction

in depth cooperation, mutual (3) ion exchange membrane products benefit and win-win, injecting new momentum into the development of the industry

Liu Yaojie, Secretary of the Party committee of Foton Reza heavy machinery division, delivered a speech

Liu Yaojie, Secretary of the Party committee of Foton Reza heavy machinery division, said: as one of the core brand members of BAIC Foton, Foton Reza and Jinyu Jidong have established a good cooperation foundation of high trust, mutual benefit and win-win as early as 2005, and in the industry resource integration Close cooperation in the fields of information sharing and technical exchange. Jinyu Jidong purchases Foton rexa equipment again, which also reflects its trust and praise for Foton products. For a long time, Foton rexa has been adhering to the corporate vision of Beiqi Foton, which is committed to humanism, advocating science and technology and leading green, actively responding to the national green development strategic layout, daring to explore and study in the national six R & D, and producing products that lead the market trend. In the future, BAIC Foton and Jinyu group will continue to strengthen the complementarity of advantageous resources, jointly respond to the opportunities and challenges of industry development, and contribute their own strength to the innovative development of the industry and the upgrading of urban construction

secretary Liu Yaojie formally delivered the golden key representing the use right of 27 national six mixer cars to Secretary Ji Xiujun.

Foton Reza hard core quality, and worked tirelessly to build a better life.

in recent years, combined with the national overload control policy, environmental protection policy and the development trend of car Federation, the industry has put forward higher expectations and requirements for mixer car products from the aspects of environmental protection, green development, equipment improvement and intelligent transformation. Based on this, after the iterative upgrade to the new L10 series of national VI, the whole vehicle has been comprehensively improved in six aspects: mixing efficiency, safety performance, stability, lightweight, economy, and intelligence. The process and quality have broken through the industry's first-class level, and the quality of the whole vehicle has won the brand position

Wang Zhonghui, the 27 state-owned sixth batch mixers delivered this time, admitted that they are still in an important strategic opportunity for development. They are Foton Reza's new L10 series mixer models. On the one hand, Foton Reza's new generation of mixer truck optimizes the use function of the product, the whole vehicle is lightweight, the control is more flexible, the loading performance is improved, and the product is compliant. Equipped with the car coupling platform independently developed by Foton Reza, the vehicle status can be monitored and queried at any time on the mobile terminal, which greatly improves the intelligence and convenience of fleet management. On the other hand, innovative designs such as the widened cab of Reza L10 series mixer truck and the new bfda and new GTL body have shown excellent product performance in terms of safety and economy. Such products are not only efficient and safe, but also more green and environmental protection, which is a milestone for the whole industry and even urban construction

it is high time for thousands of sails to compete and hundreds of boats to compete. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, this batch of Foton Reza mixer products were delivered to Jinyu Jidong, which not only consolidated and deepened the trust of the strategic cooperation between the two sides, but also the best witness for BAIC group and Jinyu group to actively practice the enterprise society. In the future, as one of the core brand members of BAIC Foton, Foton Reza will continue to uphold the customer-centric business philosophy, work hand in hand with the industry, and make unremitting efforts to help urban construction and upgrading, build a sustainable ecological environment and build a better home with hard core products and extreme services, so as to contribute its hard core strength to the rapid development of a large country

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