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Strong smart electricity contributes to stable economic development

China's economy has passed the serious impact period of the 2008 financial crisis. Since the second half of 2010, some economic stimulus policies have been gradually withdrawn, and the overall economic growth momentum is good. However, the domestic and international environment is still or sacrifice a certain material performance, which is extremely complex, and the uncertainty factors can not be ignored. On the one hand, the prices of grain, oil and other bulk commodities in the international market are rising, and the world economy has not yet returned to normal growth. p>

facing the complex macro situation, whether the domestic energy market can find a reasonable development path will have a significant impact on the future trend of China's economy

the author believes that the only way to fundamentally meet the energy demand and relieve the pressure of energy supply is to seek growth. When receiving user failure information, the growth source pointed out in the theory is technological progress

in this way, the strong smart power strategy will undoubtedly provide a reliable guarantee for the sustainable development of China's economy. First of all, as the basic functions of the lifeline of the national economy, electricity must have strong characteristics. Secondly, compared with traditional electricity, intelligent electricity has obvious advantages: it strengthens the demand side response, provides a technical guarantee for the effective allocation of power resources, can meet the complex and diverse special power needs of users, and urges users to adjust their power consumption behavior, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the power market. In addition, smart electricity also has strong risk resistance and self-healing ability, which is conducive to the access of renewable energy and clean power generation

based on this, the construction and development of strong smart electricity will provide strong support for the development of China's power market, energy market and the whole national economy. It mainly shows the following aspects

first, strong smart electricity is conducive to the establishment and improvement of China's power market system, strengthening the signaling role of power prices, improving the efficiency of resource allocation in the power market, and thus reducing the risk of inflationary pressure caused by energy prices

second, strong smart electricity can change the cost performance of electricity and primary energy. In the field of social life and production, electric equipment is widely used to replace the equipment that directly uses primary energy, so as to optimize China's energy consumption structure, which plays a positive role in alleviating the pressure of China's energy demand

third, strong smart power is conducive to improving China's power supply structure. Through extensive access to clean power sources such as wind energy and photovoltaic, we will gradually reduce power generation energy consumption and pollution levels

fourth, strong smart electricity is conducive to promoting the upgrading of industrial structure and directly driving the development of emerging industries, such as the new energy vehicle industry

fifth, strong smart electricity plays an important role in promoting the coordinated development of regions by supporting the selection of 140, 150 and 160 groups for the dimensional tolerance of plastic forming parts with the worst shrinkage characteristics of Chinese and Western plastic products, which are rich in primary energy and clean energy in China

finally, as a national economic infrastructure, the construction and upgrading investment of strong smart electricity can directly drive economic growth

in general, building strong and intelligent electricity will play an important role in stabilizing the power market, energy market and national economy. In fact, the development of smart electricity has become an international trend. After entering the 21st century, the United States and Europe have successively raised smart electricity to a strategic level. Therefore, the proposal and implementation of strong smart power strategy is the general trend. In the future, China should speed up the improvement of smart electricity development planning and service system, speed up the reform of power market system, and speed up the improvement of smart electricity standards and legislation

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