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Hainan held a hearing on the legislation of disposable non degradable plastic packaging bags

the most affectionate speech

legislation should be fast and sharp

spokesperson: Li Bo, Professor of Hainan Normal University and vice president of the provincial small animal protection Association

first of all, I think the harm of disposable plastic bags to the environment and the earth is beyond doubt. Hainan has independent legislative power and has reason to be ahead of the country

I am a staunch environmentalist. Today, I don't want to talk about theory. I just want to talk about this problem from my personal emotion. Last night, my 70 year old mother was very happy and supported me when she learned that I would attend today's hearing. Old people know the harm of non degradable plastic bags and are willing to buy vegetables with vegetable baskets. Why can't we

in real life, I have been practicing it. I didn't use non degradable plastic bags four years ago. In teaching, I tried to advocate the concept of environmental protection to students, and the students were very supportive of my American company's practice and concept of introducing new composite membrane regeneration technology

my view is that legislation must be fast and the knife must be ruthless. Because when the last big tree on the earth was cut down, human civilization ended

the most urgent voice

the conditions for "white ban" are ripe

spokesperson: Hu Zhigong, Hainan Tianren degradable plastic Co., Ltd

first of all, the conditions for "banning white goods" in Hainan are ripe. The work of "banning white goods" has been carried out in Hainan for six years, and the masses have enough understanding of it

secondly, there are substitutes for non degradable plastic bags. The price of degradable plastic products produced by Hainan Tianren company is not much different from that of non degradable bags. And it can rapidly expand the production scale to meet the market demand

in addition, 70% of Hainan's non degradable products come from outside the island, and there are few manufacturers on the island, which will not cause many unemployed people

the most exciting opinion

some enterprises are using the government

spokesperson: caimeifeng, a wholesaler of non degradable plastic bags

it is not feasible to prohibit the production, sale and use of non degradable plastic bags through legislation according to the national and provincial conditions. At present, no substitute for non degradable plastic bags can be developed in the world. If it is prohibited by legislation, some so-called "degradable" enterprises may generate monopoly profits and increase the burden of the masses

in order to achieve the purpose of monopolizing the plastic packaging bag Market in the province, some enterprises in our province introduced the so-called "environmental protection" technology opposed by European and American developed countries to Hainan, and used "deception" means to cause the administrative department to support it, confiscating and imposing fines on the enterprises that produce and operate non degradable plastic packaging in the province (especially in Haikou City)

the key to managing plastic bags is to treat the root cause. We can learn from the experience of Guangdong and establish domestic waste incineration power plants to turn a large number of non degradable plastic bags and other domestic waste into treasure. Our province should strengthen comprehensive management, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, and strengthen the classification, recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste

the most amazing statement

"degradable" is not degradable

spokesman: you Changdong, engineer of Huaneng Hainan Power Generation Co., Ltd

as far as I know, the so-called "degradable" plastics are made by adding certain additives to the raw materials of plastic products, such as starch, vegetable oil, fiber, etc., but most of them are polyethylene. Since 2000, we have used "degradable" plastic bags for 5 years, but are they really degradable? It is only cracked and turned into fragments, its internal molecular weight has not changed, the visual pollution has not been completely eliminated, the potential harm still exists, and it is more difficult to recycle, but will cause more serious pollution to the environment

so I suggest: first, legislation should adhere to the principle of "recycling" as the main means; Second, due to the limitations of current technical conditions, the words "degradable" plastics should not be used in legislation; Third, legislation should prohibit both "non degradable" and "degradable" plastics; Fourth, the "white ban" should have specific guidance and control measures to encourage the recycling of waste plastic packaging bags; Fifth, formulate corresponding policies to encourage the harmless and resource-based prevention and control of plastic bags

the most alternative view

oppose the legislation of "banning white space"

spokesman: Tang Song, horizon magazine

I am opposed to legislation, but I am not opposed to the construction of an ecological province. Just now, a spokesperson mentioned that white goods are also banned in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, but they have no legislation. Why should Hainan take this lead

I think, first of all, there is no final conclusion about "white pollution" in science and technology. How much damage does it do? Is it the culprit of building an ecological province? This is debatable. The main problem in building an ecological province is "white pollution", but why is it that the ban in other places is obviously effective, while Hainan has had the "decision" to ban white pollution as early as 2000, but it has not been well controlled after five years? Secondly, there is no basis for legislation. Third, if legislation is enacted, it will bring some unfair phenomena, which may make individual interest groups "snicker". Fourth, if paper products are used as substitutes, it is bound to increase the destruction of forests; Question of ballpoint pen rdquo; At 1:00, it became the pain of China's manufacturing industry

is it necessary to solve the problem of ineffective administration through legislation? I think it's our administrative efficiency and administrative level. If the efficiency of administrative execution can be improved, Hainan can also solve the problem of "white pollution". My personal opinion is: show mercy under the knife, don't legislate. Don't let law become a superior game; Don't let the law become a tool for individuals to make money

the most professional suggestion

pay attention to details in legislation

spokesman: zhuyaodong, freelance writer

should legislation be? should. According to the "legislation law", if the National People's Congress does not move, Hainan can only reluctantly legislate within the framework of the existing upper law. Legislation should pay attention to detail, but the second step is not feasible:

first, we should clarify what is "disposable non degradable plastic packaging bags" and what is "disposable non degradable plastic products". It is suggested that the "white ban" should be in place at one time, and the scope should be extended to disposable non degradable plastic products

second, according to the legislative authority, Hainan prohibits the production and sale of disposable non degradable plastic products, and can only set a time limit for correction, closure or closure, as well as a time limit for leaving the island

third, we should invite qualified intermediaries to scientifically evaluate "degradable" products

fourth, the government pays for recycling disposable non degradable products

fifth, manufacturers are required to indicate "degradable" or "non degradable" on the outside of plastic products

sixth, a schedule should be set up in legislation to determine the core area and buffer period of "white goods ban"

seven is the premise of legislation. It is suggested that the provincial government recommend the State Council to stipulate in the form of administrative law that disposable non degradable plastic products belong to solid waste

source: Hainan

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