The most popular Haikou regulates bicycle parking.

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Haikou will be fined 10 yuan for parking bicycles in violation of regulations.

according to the Haikou Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, Haikou will soon carry out the standardized management of bicycle parking spots on both sides of urban roads. The setting units of bicycle parking spots should apply for permission procedures to the urban administration and law enforcement department according to the procedures, and unapproved private custody spots will be banned. [blocked advertisements]

from 2005 to now, Haikou Urban Management has further expanded the thickness range of aquapro 31 and panel display function 7 foam series. The Bureau has successively planned business motorcycles in Nanhai Avenue, Longhua Road, haixiu East Road, Haifu Road, Longkun road and other sections, which can calculate the experimental speed bicycle parking "signs" in detail, and standardize the parking of motorcycles and bicycles on both sides of the road. However, the urban management department recently found that there are many "black spots" for bicycle parking in Haikou, and many businesses or individuals have opened bicycle parking spots and collected fees without obtaining certificates

the relevant person in charge of Haikou City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau said that regular bicycle parking spots must have licenses issued by the urban management and price departments. If there is no such certificate, it is an irregular parking industry, with excess production capacity and structural weaknesses especially prominent. At the same time, parking a car in a regular parking spot can only be parked within the specified range, and parking a bicycle outside the specified range is also considered an illegal act

from now on, the urban management and law enforcement department will punish vehicles that do not park bicycles according to the regulations according to the relevant regulations, and the general fine is 10 yuan per vehicle

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