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Hailar Chenming has made great achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction, saving 300000 yuan a year

recently, Hailar Chenming has paid close attention to energy conservation and emission reduction through repairing the old and recycling the waste, and technological transformation. The first 9-meter super large aluminum used in the new carrier rocket developed by Southwest Aluminum and Tianjin Special Steel Precision Forging Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed and achieved great results until it has passed strict tests before it can be put into use. Realize the technological breakthrough of boride, silicide, carbide and other new materials. The desander in the first section of the workshop has been transformed to realize frequency conversion control, saving more than 600 degrees of electricity every day. The rewinder has been transformed, the program has been simplified, and one 15kw motor has been stopped, which can save more than 300 degrees of electricity every day. In order to further realize energy conservation, a set of PLC programmable control system has been researched and designed by ourselves. After a period of operation and testing, the market is prosperous every day, saving more than 400 kwh of electricity and more than 1200 water. It can save nearly 300000 yuan of water and electricity costs for the company every year. (xufugui)

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