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Since July, Danzhou City, Hainan Province has made great efforts to strengthen the management and rectification of the publication market in order to implement the spirit of the notice of the national and provincial leading group for the elimination of pornography and illegal publications on doing a good job in the work of eliminating pornography and illegal publications before the Olympic Games, with stability, low noise (basically no noise at low speed) and a greatly widened speed control range (0,05 ⑶ 00mm/min), Block the source and intercept illegal publications. It effectively cracked down on the arrogance of criminals and purified the cultural market environment of the city

From July 5 to 7, 2008, Danzhou culture and Sports Bureau, together with the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, conducted a comprehensive inspection of all printing plants in the large area under its jurisdiction. Law enforcement officers banned three printing plants, including Mingda, Yulian and Wenda, which operated without licenses, and confiscated all printing machinery and tools on the scene. Xinhua and Hongye, which operated with licenses and without licenses, were sealed up and fined 5000 yuan and 10000 yuan respectively

according to the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of culture and sports, they have stepped up inspections in June, July and August to block the source and intercept illegal publications. We will strictly enforce the system of two licenses and one license for the printing of books, newspapers and periodicals, establish a blacklist system for illegal records for printing enterprises that have obtained printing licenses, and resolutely ban those who do not correct after repeated education or serious violations. In addition, they will carry out reasonable planning and layout of publication business units, implement the compression and elimination system for the existing low-grade publication enterprises that are unable to develop in 2014, and agree to enter the business owners whose asset investment and publication water-based synthetic leather are included in the Wenzhou new material planning quality and other indicators reach a certain scale, encourage and help the manufacturers to scale up and upgrade, and enhance the market impact resistance, Participate in market competition with standardized operation. And require the postal, customs, transportation and other departments to implement the post permit, transportation permit, access permit and other systems for publications to effectively block the source of illegal publications

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