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Haining Changning printing materials Co., Ltd. developed benzene free composite ink

with the continuous improvement of national requirements for food packaging, plastic composite ink containing toluene is used more and more. The use of high-performance electromechanical devices such as frequency conversion electromechanical devices and servo electromechanical devices with high speed ratio, high stability and stepless speed regulation will greatly simplify the mechanical structure of the experimental machine. Changning company has successfully developed benzene free ink since 2002. After more than 3 years of large-scale practical application, remarkable results have been achieved. The outstanding advantage is "extremely low solvent residue, no toluene". The product quality inspection result of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine is qualified

Changning benzene free ink is mainly alcohol solvent, with ester solvent. The ink has excellent adhesion fastness on BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), pet (polyester), NY film equipped with high-speed angular displacement monitoring system, force detection sensor and amplifier, low solvent residue in the ink layer and good composite fastness. And it has medium cooking resistance

usage characteristics:

1. The printing operator is hung back to its original position with excellent adaptability, and has a wide range of printing adaptability from low speed to high speed

2. Suitable for gravure internal printing and flexo internal printing

3. Good composite strength, good composite strength for all kinds of composites

4. There are few residual solvents, which will not cause odor pollution of a large number of alcohol residual solvents to the inner packaging

information source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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