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Hainan Provincial People's Congress has carried out special research on Hainan's power construction for the first time to comprehensively solve the problems of power construction

this year is the key year for Hainan to comprehensively promote the three-year action to improve power supply security and disaster resistance, and it is also the first year for Hainan power company to create a world-class power enterprise. How is the electricity construction going? Can we support the construction of Hainan pilot free trade zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics? This issue has attracted the attention of Hainan Provincial People's Congress. Since August 23, hexiqing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Congress and chairman of the finance and Economics Committee, led the research group of the finance and Economics Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Congress (hereinafter referred to as the "research group") to Hainan power company to carry out a four-day special research to comprehensively solve the problems of power construction. This is the first special research on power construction carried out by Hainan Provincial People's Congress

it is understood that the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial People's Congress plans to hold a standing committee meeting in September 2018, which will listen to and consider the special report of the provincial government on the "Five Year Plan" infrastructure construction, and carry out special inquiries on power construction. The research content will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress as part of the special report

the research team went to Haikou, Wenchang, Chengmai, Changjiang, Sanya and other places to learn about the construction of 10 key power projects, give full play to the supervision role of the National People's Congress, urge relevant government departments to strengthen work coordination, and comprehensively solve the problems of investment and financing, administrative licensing and approval in power construction projects. During the survey, Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Department of industry and information technology 7. Overall dimension: 515 × two hundred and twenty-four × 603mm, functional departments such as the Planning Bureau, functional departments of relevant municipal and county governments, and project heads of the Park Department of Hainan electric power company reported on power construction issues

after holding a symposium to listen to reports and field visits, hexiqing pointed out that in the past three years, Hainan power has made great progress in disaster prevention and disaster resistance, and the construction of power supporting facilities has been continuously improved. However, in the process of power construction, enterprises and governments still have problems such as investment, operation, management and urban operation procedures and precautions. Before the experiment, the size of the force required by the sample should be estimated first, and the overall planning and coordination of multiple compliance and mechanism should be coordinated. The functional departments of the government should further conduct in-depth investigation and research, take the problem as the guide, and carry out classified measures to seize the beneficial opportunity of revolutionary changes in biomaterial science and engineering. We should strengthen the research of the system, take solving problems as the goal, and improve the speed and quality of solving problems. The next step of NPC supervision should be specific to specific problems, especially after the next special inquiry, we should timely track the effectiveness of supervision and inquiry

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