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Hainan gives priority to supporting the development of characteristic advanced manufacturing industry (I) formulating planning and policy system. Hainan has formulated a series of supporting policies and measures, including the implementation opinions of Hainan Province on the implementation of made in China 2025, the "integration of industrialization and industrialization", deepening the structural reform on the supply side, optimizing the development environment, and park construction. In combination with the industrial positioning of the international tourism island, it is clear that in the future, it will focus on the development of industries such as Internet industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, low-carbon manufacturing and military civilian integration, and has issued industrial planning and special industrial support funds. Relevant cities and counties have also provided special funds to enhance the overall synergy

(II) scientific layout of industrial parks. Hainan adheres to the "dot" development of new industries and does not engage in "blooming everywhere". Last year, in the province's "multi regulation and integration" reform, it mainly focused on the "Haicheng Wenyi integrated economic circle" and the "greater Sanya tourism economic circle", arranged new industrial and information industry parks, and constantly expanded the two economic growth poles of "one north and one south"

(III) highlight key points and support the development of characteristic manufacturing industry. First, 580million yuan is allocated annually to support key industries and set up technology innovation funds for science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. In the past two years, 17million yuan has been allocated to support 95 projects to carry out technology and show the technology innovation of band adjustable photoluminescence effect and optical limiting effect, "integration of industrialization and industrialization", expansion of reproduction, etc., so as to speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises. Second, attract investment and expand the main body. Take advantage of platforms such as Boao Forum for Asia, SME Expo and high tech fair to hold special investment activities overseas. Since 2016, there have been 190 investment projects in the four major industries, with an agreed investment of more than 147 billion yuan. Third, relying on the Wenchang space launch site, it is more difficult to make appropriate plans to promote the manufacturing and application of new generation space rockets and satellites, and actively develop shipbuilding and marine engineering, marine information, space information applications, deep-sea resource development, etc. a number of major projects are under construction

(IV) concentrate on building the "bird's nest" and promote the development of industrial agglomeration. Since 2013, the provincial government has allocated 2.6 billion yuan to promote the construction of key parks, leveraging the park's infrastructure construction investment of more than 30 billion yuan, which has greatly improved the "Five" and living and production supporting facilities. All newly introduced projects in the province will enter the park, and the "Enclave policy" will be implemented in the province to promote industrial agglomeration. Hainan Ecological Software Park, which focuses on the Internet industry, has gathered more than 1200 enterprises since its operation in 2010, with an operating income of more than 10 billion yuan. Over the years, carbon nano development has increased by more than 50% annually, becoming a "National Science and technology enterprise incubator" and "new industrialization demonstration park". Since last year, Hainan has implemented "minimal approval" in the park, reducing the number of project approval links from 70 to 4, further facilitating investors. A unified public service platform for government affairs in the province has been built, and "one piece of approval" has been built at the four levels of province, city, county, township and village. At present, 410million data of 33 government units have been shared and opened, and 34 Administrative Licensing units have reduced the whole process of approval items from 1500 to 572

(V) accelerate the construction of information infrastructure and promote the "integration of industrialization and industrialization". Since 2015, we have formulated and implemented the three-year special action implementation plan for information infrastructure construction in Hainan Province. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the cumulative investment will reach 11billion yuan. Last year, Hainan has been built into an "all inclusive province". This year, the speed and coverage can reach the national leading level. The special action implementation plan for the deep integration of informatization and industrialization (year) was formulated, the task table and 10 action plans for the deep integration of informatization and industrialization were determined, and the pilot of enterprise industrialization and industrialization was actively carried out. Nine enterprises passed the evaluation of the pilot implementation of the "industrialization and industrialization" of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The South China Sea Big Data Application Research Institute, the big data industry demonstration zone, the Hainan Branch of the national development and Reform Commission interconnected big data analysis center and the "South China Sea Silk Road" big data center are jointly built with the national information center and the Institute of Oceanography of Peking University. Connectivity and economic and social integration continue to accelerate and deepen

preliminary understanding of the integration of industrialization and industrialization

the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection is the only way for China to move forward from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country

(I) "integration of industrialization and industrialization" has revolutionized the production and organization mode of manufacturing industry. The penetration and application of interconnection has greatly optimized the whole process of production and operation management of manufacturing enterprises, greatly enhanced the informatization management level of enterprises, and gave birth to new business forms

(II) "integration of industrialization and industrialization" gives the manufacturing industry new competitive advantages. The "integration of industrialization and industrialization" helps enterprises to collect, process, communicate and exchange information internally and externally, so as to improve the input-output ability and resource element transformation ability of enterprises. "Machine replacement" is a new form of "integration of industrialization and industrialization", and it is an important breakthrough for China's recycling industry to form cavitation phenomenon and make noise

(III) "integration of industrialization and industrialization" eased resource constraints. Through the "integration of industrialization and industrialization", the manufacturing industry can improve the ability of resource integration and utilization, change the extensive development mode of high energy consumption and high pollution, effectively improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and promote industrial sustainability

thoughts on promoting the "integration of industrialization and industrialization"

first, make up for the technical weakness of the manufacturing industry. We should make up for the shortcomings of the manufacturing industry, such as high-end sensors, intelligent robots, high-end CNC machine tools, high-end chips, precision reducers, precision bearings, special materials, etc. Starting from its own industrial foundation, Hainan has identified its position in "made in China 2025". In Hainan's "13th five year plan for new industry and information industry", it has chosen to focus on the development of high-end manufacturing industries such as sensors, virtual reality and sensing system equipment, intelligent unmanned systems, intelligent wearable equipment, key components of new energy vehicles, high-performance separation membrane materials, and strive to make a difference in making up for weaknesses

the second is to strengthen the informatization transformation. To promote the "integration of industrialization and industrialization", we must simultaneously improve the innovation ability of research and design, make information technology integrate into every link of manufacturing, R & D and design faster and better, and speed up the product renewal cycle. We should attach importance to the transformation of equipment with information technology, integrate information technology into the production process of manufacturing industry, combine it with production devices, realize equipment interconnection and factory interconnection, realize highly automated and intelligent production lines, and build intelligent factories. We should use information technology to improve the management level of manufacturing enterprises, realize production process reengineering, production process optimization and production factor reconfiguration, and greatly improve the efficiency and level of resource utilization. This is also the development direction of the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" of Hainan's manufacturing industry

third, speed up the construction of information network. In 2015, Hainan Province proposed to speed up the construction of "Five" (road, light, electricity, gas and water), and the construction of light in the province ushered in the fastest period in history. In the future, we will continue to increase investment, pay attention to accelerating the construction of industrial wireless networks, plan and layout 5g, and lay a solid network foundation for the internal interconnection of the manufacturing industry and the "interconnection of all things". Hainan will build a national advanced information infrastructure this year. I hope the Ministry of industry and information technology will help us carry out the second batch of 5g city promotion pilots

fourth, classify and implement policies according to the characteristics of regional "integration of industrialization and industrialization". It is suggested to implement differentiated policies in the next stage. While encouraging the eastern region to take the lead in establishing and improving the standard system of "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and the construction of public information service platforms, we should help the central and western regions strengthen the construction of information infrastructure and the application of information technology in enterprises and parks

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