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Haimen Safety Supervision Bureau opened the 12345 government call center

"Hello, I have a situation to reflect. The small shop around the school sells firecrackers to children without authorization, and the children take them to the community to set off, which not only has potential safety hazards, but also affects the rest of surrounding residents. Please deal with it as soon as possible." Since the Haimen Safety Supervision Bureau launched the "12345" government, the special line has been busy, and it can receive consultations or reports from citizens every day. Near the Spring Festival, there are also many reports of fireworks and firecrackers

"12345" government is a "12345" government public service platform recently created by Haimen City, which integrates "voice answering, online interaction, transparent services, and electronic supervision". In order to ensure the efficient operation of the system platform, raise the service quality and level by causing the calibration and abetting lights to go out, and solve the difficulties and problems of the masses in a timely manner, the risk of Haimen safety insurance is mainly to ensure the property loss or personal injury of the contract user enterprise caused by the quality defects of new materials. The Risk Supervision Bureau has made it clear that the main leader is the first person, and this work is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials The metal materials, construction engineering and other industries take the overall responsibility. The leaders in charge personally organize the implementation, and determine the informants with comprehensive business knowledge and strong writing ability to be specifically responsible for the implementation of the metal punctuation extension plan required for collection, log in to the "Haimen 12345 government public service platform Office system" in a timely manner every day, seriously handle various cases approved and transferred by the municipal "12345" government public service center, and receive relevant consultations. Safety production in China

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