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Hainan 961017 poverty alleviation and enrichment service call center platform was successfully completed

in the afternoon of November 17, the launching ceremony of 961017 poverty alleviation and enrichment service

961017 poverty alleviation and enrichment service seats entered the system practical exercise

at 3 p.m. on November 17, 2016, the launching ceremony of Hainan 961017 poverty alleviation and enrichment service was held at the distance education training center of Hainan Radio and Television University in Haikou, It marks the successful completion and commissioning of the 961017 poverty alleviation and prosperity service platform constructed and operated by Chinatelecom Hainan Company

in order to cooperate with the program broadcast of Hainan TV night school to get rid of poverty and get rich, increase communication and interaction with the grass-roots poor people, solve the problem of poor channels for the expression of the demands of the grass-roots poor people, so that the voices of the grass-roots poor people can meet the needs of more manufacturers, and can be quickly and smoothly transmitted to the party committees and government departments at all levels, Hainan provincial Party committee and government decided to set up a 961017 service call center for poverty alleviation and prosperity in Hainan Province, which will be constructed and operated by China Telecom Hainan Company

according to the introduction, the 96101 copper based new material industry will accelerate the development. 7 service system will be built into a provincial-level platform, with a total of 6 service answering seats and 19 related functional department and bureau operator seats. The platform mainly undertakes incoming call access, work order circulation and distribution, problem statistical analysis, etc. the agent service personnel can answer, and the docking staff of various functional units can access the system through the Internet VPN, transfer according to their responsibilities, and track the whole process of the processing process to realize the whole process closed-loop management. The services provided include: providing policy consultation and relevant information services such as poverty alleviation policies, practical technologies and market information; Through, the poor people can also put forward suggestions and opinions on the current poverty alleviation work and night school programs, request technical guidance services and apply for assistance, and can protect their rights and make complaints and reports

according to the work deployment and requirements of the Hainan provincial Party committee and government, 961017 service must be completed and launched before November 18. Time is tight and the task is heavy. Chinatelecom Hainan quickly set up a project construction leading group, headed by the company's deputy general manager in charge, to set up a special work team, clarify responsibilities and divide responsibilities. With the strong support and cooperation of the provincial poverty Alleviation Office, the Provincial Communications Administration Bureau, the provincial television university and other units, after intense planning and construction, from the project preparation, construction scheme formulation, work research, project approval, equipment procurement, personnel recruitment in early November, By November 17, the system was completed and put into trial operation. In nearly half a month, the construction objectives and requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government were completed on time according to the data. It is reported that the first Hainan TV night school program to get rid of poverty and get rich will be broadcast at Hainan Radio and television station from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on November 18. The sensor lifting is composed of flexible ropes and line adjustment devices, and the 961017 service will be launched synchronously at 8 p.m. that night

in the next step, the project team of Chinatelecom Hainan Company will continue to improve and optimize according to the system commissioning and service demand, so as to ensure that the service of poverty alleviation and prosperity can better make due contributions to the poverty alleviation work in the province

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