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On march23,2010, when the 15th anniversary of Amway (China) was approaching, the Amway garden factory in Guangzhou Development Zone was in double happiness: the Amway quality assurance laboratory building was officially opened and the Amway new air purifier was successfully rolled off the production line. These two events marked that Amway (China) products have made significant progress in both quality and quantity. Gao Boan, chief executive of Amway USA, kangweizhi, vice president of global supply chain and product R & D of Amway USA, yanzhirong, chief executive of Amway Greater China, chenchaolong, vice president of Amway (China), wanglucan, vice president of production and operation of Amway (China), and other company leaders attended the celebration ceremony

in December2008, at the height of the global financial crisis, Amway increased its capital and production for the eighth time in China, built an air purifier production line, sent a strong signal of confidence to the Chinese market, and made its own contribution to driving the rebound of China's economy. At a time when the global economy is improving and China's economy is recovering strongly, Amway's world-renowned "Yixin air purifier" has been successfully rolled off the production line in Guangzhou, and the market expectation is very optimistic. Amway's counter cyclical operation once again shows its extraordinary courage, strength in coping with economic fluctuations and strong confidence in the Chinese market

"Yixin air purifier" and "Amway queen cooker" which have been listed and sold well in China belong to Amway home technology product line, and inherit the safety, high quality and high efficiency genes of Amway products. This air purifier has been developed by more than 100 Amway researchers over the years. At present, it has won 66 patents worldwide. Before entering China, it has been successfully listed in 13 countries or regions and sold more than 400000 sets. With the downline of Yixin air purifier, Amway's products in Chinese Mainland have increased to nearly 200 models, which are divided into five categories: health food, beauty cosmetics, personal care products, home care products, and home technology products if the change-over switch is turned to the "fast back" position

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while constantly expanding the product line of pressing the power on button (the power indicator lights up), Amway (China) has always spared no effort in product quality construction. The quality assurance laboratory building officially opened on March 23 has further improved the software and hardware level of Amway's quality assurance system. Different from the end quality inspection system (QC) of many enterprises, Amway has adhered to the whole process quality assurance system (QA) for many years. Amway builds quality in every link after the power line is introduced, with the participation of all staff and continuous improvement. Amway's quality assurance system focuses on product development, supply chain management and every production link. The newly completed quality assurance laboratory covers a total area of more than 3000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 70 million yuan. It has more than 90 management and professional testing personnel, and is equipped with a large number of cutting-edge testing equipment. The new quality assurance laboratory is expanded from the original foundation. The original laboratory successfully passed the accreditation review of China National Laboratory Accreditation Service (CNAs) in December2005, becoming a rare self built national accreditation laboratory in the industry

yanzhirong, chief executive of Amway Greater China, said that equal emphasis on quality, good and fast, is the essential feature of Amway's Chinese development. In 2009, the sales revenue of Amway in the Chinese Mainland market has exceeded 20billion yuan, setting a new record. Amway (China) will further accelerate the R & D and introduction of new products in the future; At the same time, Amway will always pay attention to the quality of products and services to continue to maintain and consolidate the core competitiveness of the enterprise

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