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American waste standards will be greatly adjusted Chinese enterprises need to prepare in advance

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core tips: in October, the American paper industry joint stock Committee (PSIC) announced in Chicago that it would make a major revision to the American waste paper classification standards, It is planned to cancel 7 categories of general level and add 4 categories

[China Packaging News] in October, the US paper industry stock Committee (PSIC) announced in Chicago that it would make a major revision to the US waste paper classification standard, and planned to cancel the 7 conventional levels and add 4 new levels

the proposed adjustment may have an impact on the classification standards of waste paper in both the US domestic market and the export market. This adjustment will abolish the old newspaper (ONP) level including 678and 9. Where 9ns will be redefined and given a new name. 9s may become sorted clean old newspapers (SCN), and allow the old newspapers from the waste paper treatment center to be included in the list of famous papers of Shanghai Dongsheng new materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program. According to the new definition, SCN may contain a mixture of old newspapers and coated culture paper, without natural color waste paper

three levels of mixed waste paper have also been cancelled and replaced by another three levels. The three new grades are: sorted community waste paper (SRP), SRP will not contain old box board paper (OCC), and the content of natural color waste paper shall not exceed 2%; Sorted mixed waste paper (SMP), SMP will contain natural waste paper; The selected hard mixed waste paper (SHM) will be mostly natural waste paper, including food packaging bags, cardboard boxes and household waste paper, and will also contain 10% white paper or colored paper

as for 11occ, the committee plans to stipulate that this level cannot contain more than 30% of non local OCC. Up to now, 11. The quality of non local OCC is considered to be inferior to that of local OCC in the United States

psi members will vote on the new waste paper standard in New Orleans during February. The new standard needs to be approved by the American scrap industry association (ISRI) in April

the main reason for the adjustment of waste paper standard is the growth of single channel recycling system in the United States. At present, about 290million Americans use a single channel recycling system, in which all waste paper and waste are put together. Years ago, Americans also needed to separate waste paper into different categories for recycling. The single channel recycling system is a major change in recent years

with the development of single channel recycling system and the change of end market demand, the supply pattern of mixed waste paper and ONP in the United States has changed

according to the data of American Forest Paper Association, in 2014, American paper mills consumed 30million waste paper, which was the same as that in 2010. However, the proportion of ONP consumption decreased from 12.8% in 2010 to 6.5% in 2014. The proportion of mixed waste paper consumption was basically maintained at 14%. OCC consumption increased from 61% in 2010 to 67.1% last year

in the domestic waste paper market in the United States, the price of ONP was USD/ton higher than that of mixed waste paper in 2010, but now the price difference is only about USD 10

American waste has always been the category with the highest proportion of imported waste paper in China, especially OCC. According to customs statistics, in 2014, China's import of us waste reached 12.65 million tons, accounting for 46% of the total import, up one percentage point from 2013, and the import volume decreased by 390000 tons. The adjustment of the American waste standard is bound to have an impact on China's waste paper trading market, and will also have an impact on the existing pulp ratio and other production processes of packaging base paper manufacturers

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