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Analyze the use, maintenance and prevention of electronic truck scale (weighbridge)

1. Prevent weighing error and improve the accuracy of equipment. There are many factors that cause weighing error of electronic truck scale, such as: the horizontal limiter of electronic truck scale falls off and gets stuck, the sensor steel ball deviates from the center position, there are foreign objects between the bearing platform and the base or foundation, the platform and the scale slope protection are close to each other and the sensor The components of junction box are damaged. To avoid errors, we should do a good job in three aspects

first of all, after the installation of the electronic truck scale, the vehicle close to the maximum weighing capacity of the truck scale shall pass on the scale platform for many times, and the emergency brake shall be used on the scale platform to release the residual stress at all parts of the scale platform, so as to ensure that the steel ball of the weighing sensor is located between the steel ball bowl and the steel ball bowl of the bearing platform, so that the sensor and the bearing platform are under vertical stress, avoiding lateral stress, Affecting the weighing, they began to seek for the accuracy of breakthrough values in the automobile exterior decoration, and then locked the fixing bolts of the sensor base. The fixing bolts of the sensor should be coated with butter and tightly wrapped to prevent the sensor from being difficult to be removed and replaced after the bolts are rusted

secondly, after using the electronic truck scale for a period of time, check whether the scale platform shakes flexibly with a crowbar. Check whether there are stones and other foreign matters in the gap between the scale body and the slope protection (or between the scale pit) against the load-bearing platform, resulting in the weight not being fully added to the sensor to produce deviation, and prevent the scale platform and the ramp Jinan Ruima experimental machine from displaying the real-time force value, displacement value, fracture value The peak value of the maximum force value is maintained, the machine stops automatically, and the curve between the stretching displacement and the stretching force value (tightening displacement and tightening force value) can be drawn dynamically and in real time, resulting in the weighing value error

third, strengthen the dust-proof and water-proof treatment of the weighing instrument. The scheme can be adopted to add a special high-strength and anti-aging rubber sealing strip on the steel scale panel (or cement scale panel) at the joint of the two scales on the scale platform, and apply sealant between the sealing strip and the scale body, so as to achieve the long-term dust-proof and water-proof effect. The impact testing machine development results of Jinan testing machine factory can be achieved. In addition, the junction box installed in the scale body is also vulnerable to rain and moisture. The circuit board components in the junction box are easy to cause short circuit and damage when encountering moisture. In this regard, on the one hand, a box with good sealing can be selected; on the other hand, it can be designed together with the professionals of the electronic truck scale manufacturer (Tianjin electronic weighing apparatus Co., Ltd.). Without affecting the scale, the transmission lines should be lengthened (shielding protection should be done between the transmission lines), and the transmission lines should be buried in the underground and led into the room through galvanized steel pipes. This is a way to move the junction box into the room, It can completely prevent the occurrence of short circuit fault between devices caused by poor air tightness of junction box. For the electronic truck scale with foundation pit, it is necessary to strengthen the measures to prevent ponding. The drainage trench shall be chiseled in the foundation pit, and the water pump shall be equipped. In case of continuous rainfall, the power supply shall be unplugged immediately to avoid short circuit after the signal line, power line and sensor are immersed in water. The ponding in the foundation pit shall be removed in time, and the drainage ditch shall be dredged to ensure the normal use of the instrument after the foundation pit is dry

2. Prevent thunderstorm damage and improve the safety of equipment

in the rainy season in spring and when there are many thunderstorms in summer, the electronic truck scale used in the open air and the weighing instruments placed indoors are deeply affected. Every year, the electronic truck scale is reported to be damaged by lightning. The damage of lightning can be divided into direct lightning and inductive lightning. The scale body of the electronic truck scale installed in the open air is easy to be damaged by direct lightning, while most of the weighing instruments installed indoors are damaged by inductive lightning. When lightning strikes the scale body directly, the weighing sensors and components in the junction box are destroyed, and the inductive lightning intrudes into the weighing room through wires, power lines and signals, resulting in damage to the weighing instruments. It is an emergency measure to unplug the power plug of the electronic truck scale in thunderstorm weather, but it will affect the normal operation and is very inconvenient. Taking effective lightning protection measures can greatly improve work efficiency. Lightning rods, lightning arresters and other lightning protection devices can be installed near the scale in the most direct way; The scale body of the electronic truck scale requires that each weighing sensor should be grounded (one end of the grounding wire is connected to the scale body near the weighing sensor, and the other end is connected to the lower ground pile of the weighing sensor). For the junction box installed in the foundation, its grounding wire must also be effectively connected to the scale body, and the whole scale grounding wire is connected to the grounding pile near the scale body to form a grounding; For the weighing instruments installed indoors, it is required that the power line and signal line introduced into the weighing room should be protected by a shielding layer, and the shielding layer should also be effectively grounded. The power line in the weighing room should be equipped with power surge protector, air switch and other protective measures. It is said that on March 17, the grounding line of the weighing instruments should be connected with the grounding pile of the weighing room to achieve the dual role of anti-interference and lightning protection. After the completion of lightning protection measures, it is necessary to regularly check whether the connection points between the scale body and each line in the weighing room are in good contact, so as to prevent oxidation, looseness, corrosion and other situations at each connection point after a long time, so as to prevent them from happening

3. Prevent lawlessness and improve the reliability of equipment

electronic truck scale is easy to be taken some technical measures by criminals on electronic truck scale due to its structural factors and loopholes in the prevention and management of users, causing economic losses to the enterprise. To prevent behavior, four protective measures should be taken:

first, for the electronic truck scale without foundation pit, protective walls should be added at about 2cm from both sides of the scale platform, and the height of the protective walls should be level with the scale platform. The purpose is not only to eliminate man-made space, but also to prevent the impact of high winds involved in the foundation of the truck scale on accurate measurement

second, for the electronic truck scale with foundation pit and shallow foundation pit, the sensor operation monitoring hole at the foundation pit shall be covered with a fixed iron plate and locked

third, formulate the post responsibilities of the weighing officer, set the authority control for the system software symmetrically, the weighing officer shall work with a certificate after training, and be equipped with security personnel to strengthen the night patrol inspection

fourth, it is necessary to apply for verification in strict accordance with the verification cycle of measuring instruments. When the weighing deviation is too large or the instrument display is abnormal during use, it is necessary to be vigilant and timely notify the truck scale equipment manufacturer (Tianjin Electronic Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd.) to send professionals to check and correct, so as to prevent criminals from taking advantage of it

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