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Winter is here, what to do in the garden - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

If we have been pruning and cutting back all those shrubs and trees I have been suggesting over the past few weeks there really shouldn’t be much left of the garden to cut backThe population lives.. I am a great believer in making little bundles of cuttings that are woody enough to burn and left in a pile to use as lighting wood if you have a fireplace or ready to light the BBQ.

Its only a suggestion as to how one can dispose of garden rubbish unless you take the drastic bonfire at the bottom of the garden solution. Here is a further re-cycling tip I often use. An old really worn out mop head from indoors can well be pulled apart strand by strand and there you have little strands to tie up the bundles of firelighting woodThe dynamic nature of this pandemic, exactly the right length so no need to go rushing about looking for the scissors that will then be put down and forgotten where they were left!!.

These little strands are just the right length for tying up the Tomatoes or such plants that need to be tied to supporting sticks and the like as wellmix-matched approaches to reapplying more coronavirus restrictions afte. And from here on this last spring the birds helped with our re-cycling by stealing some of these bits of old mop from where they were tying up some climbing plants.

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