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Guanyi printing enterprise has won two national honors

Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd., located in Changping Town, actively promotes technological innovation, improves the automation level of the enterprise, saves energy and reduces emissions, and has won two national honorary titles: National Printing replication demonstration enterprise, high precision industry and national key cultural export enterprise

upgrading production technology to achieve full digitalization

Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd. pays attention to independent research and development and technological innovation. At present, the enterprise has achieved full digitalization of technology. In the factory, it is difficult to smell the pungent smell of traditional printing plants. Each printing machine is equipped with a full-automatic color automatic scanning system. Such high-cost hardware investment is rare in domestic printing plants

yangyuanyuan, executive director of Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd.: because the printing machine is now very high-speed, and it can print more than 15000 pieces per hour. If we rely on the economic operation of China's extruder industry, there have been a number of positive signals, the adjustment of production speed cannot be matched, so we must rely on an automated system to ensure the stability of the quality of our prints

pay attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction

as a printing enterprise with a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance, Jinbei printing company also pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, such as the built fountain solution circulating filtration system, which extends the replacement time of fountain solution from the past two weeks to three to six months, reducing the emission of organic matter

yangyuanyuan, executive director of Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd.: there are some green production technologies that require our initial investment, but in fact, it has a payback period, and it will be paid back soon. For example, our whole factory has installed LED energy-saving lamps, but in fact, its payback period is only two years, so it is basically a very good investment project, Strictly speaking, it will further reduce the cost of enterprises and improve our competitiveness

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