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Guizhou Davos medium and large-size touch screen 2.0 project was officially put into production

Guizhou Davos optoelectronic medium and large-size touch screen 2.0 project was officially put into operation, and the industry's first household robot arm took large-size glass loading and unloading. "A piece of large-size glass weighs 30 jin. Manual handling is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also has potential safety hazards. Now we all use mechanical arms to automatically grab!" In the workshop of Guizhou Davos optoelectronics second factory, Chen Li, chairman of Guizhou Davos optoelectronics, introduced to the guests who came to visit

on October 18, the "launch ceremony and new product press conference of medium and large-size touch screen 2.0 project" jointly hosted by Guiyang National High tech Zone and Guizhou Davos optoelectronics and hosted by Davos optoelectronics was held in Guizhou Davos No. 2 factory, shawen Industrial Park, Guiyang high tech Zone. This marks the official production of the large and medium-sized touch screen 2.0 project in Davos, Guizhou, and the opening of the company's intelligent production line

in recent years, Guizhou Davos has actively responded to the strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to "transform thousands of enterprises" and "deeply integrate big data and the real economy". The main production base of medium and large-size touch screens and MoSi2 also have some fatal shortcomings. Most of the production capacity has been gradually moved from Shenzhen to Guiyang high tech Zone. The large-size touch screen 1.0 factory was built in 2018, and the automatic line in the front of the large-size touch screen was put into operation. This year, With the strong support of Guiyang city and the high tech Zone, Guizhou Davos once again chose Guiyang high tech Zone to set up the second Davos plant

At the launch ceremony, chairman Chen Li said that the second factory has established an automatic line at the back of the large-size touch screen, in which the loading and unloading of large-size glass materials are automatically grabbed by the manipulator, which is also the industry leader and the only manufacturer that uses the manipulator to take the loading and unloading of large-size glass at present. At the same time, CCD automatic alignment printing technology is also used to automatically print glass. At present, the two factories have established JIT real-time production management system, MDC equipment management system, production big data management visualization platform, etc., and the intelligent chemical plant has been completed

Guizhou Davos medium and large size touch screen 2.0 project was officially put into production

Guizhou Davos has an original all laser process, which is in a leading position in China, and is mature and applied to the processing of ITO and nano silver conductive films. This technology shortens the process flow and improves the product quality. For example, the one-time pass rate is 60% of the industry average, and the one-time pass rate in Davos is 85%. The industry average time for photolithography to process a piece of material is 20 minutes, and the Davos time is less than 5 minutes. In addition, each workshop can produce more than 10 models of products at the same time, which is suitable for differentiation, multi specification and production mode requirements

at present, Guizhou Davos, together with BOE and csot, we hope to further simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary data flow interruptions through closer integration of these two products. Leading enterprises in the industries such as ELO in the United States, voice communication, shuojun in Taiwan, Honghe technology, etc. have close cooperation links, and 30% of the products are sold to South Korea, Germany, the United States, Japan, India, Africa, France and other countries

at the launch ceremony, Davos will also release new products such as narrow frame, single point self-contained scheme, zero fit, touch pen, G-sensor and so on. The touch pen can write on any touch screen, and also has the functions of writing pressure, page turning, laser pen, wireless charging, Bluetooth and so on. The guests at the meeting experienced the product functions in person and visited the workshop of "Davos medium and large size touch screen 2.0". Along the way, the highly automated and intelligent manufacturing was praised by the guests present. Chen Li, chairman of Davos, believes that with the shortage of labor and other problems faced by many enterprises, using technological innovation to promote automation and intelligent chemical plants is the only way for the development of enterprises, and the company will continue to improve the intelligent construction of factories in the future

in 2012, Guizhou Davos optoelectronics, as an investment attraction enterprise, entered Guiyang high tech Zone from Shenzhen, catching up with the dividend of Guizhou's "10000 enterprise integration" policy, and built the world's first 7-generation touch screen intelligent production line here in November 2018

"In 2015, the company moved from small size to large-size touch screen, and successfully signed a contract with LG. However, from small size to large size, it seemed simple, but the technical problems involved increased at a functional level. In order to overcome the technical problems, the company's cadres took turns all night. In only one month, the technology department solved the problem of touch screen sensitivity, and ensured the dimensional accuracy within an error of only ± 5 microns. At that time, the monthly output increased from 8 to 8 microns Thousands of tablets have been increased to 30000. " Wang Zuying said, "there have been several positive signals in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. Microns are equal to 1 mm. Now some of our products are accurate to ± 3 microns."

in order to ensure product quality, Guizhou Davos optoelectronics uses a bar code traceability system to attach a dedicated bar code to the product before each production, and a data collector is configured at each key station. The product number, production staff, whether the final inspection is good, the completed quantity, the number of good products and other data will be entered uniformly. In this way, by collecting the production situation of products in real time, managers can monitor the production site and obtain the report data they want at any time through the system. The most important thing is that after the products leave the factory, they can also trace the production situation at that time through the bar code at any time

at present, the two production lines built by Guizhou Davos Optoelectronics in Guizhou have achieved full-automatic production. In the workshop, the mechanical arm automatically takes and places the glass block, the automatic screen printing machine automatically guides the ink into the touch screen, and the large-size touch screen realizes automation from material opening to drying, dry engraving and other processes

this year, Guizhou Davos optoelectronics Co., Ltd. made another "hit" - the capacitive touch pen, a derivative of the touch screen. Pressing the top to turn on the switch, you can write on any touch screen. This technology integrates touch, display, fitting and writing technologies, creating a precedent for the integration of large-scale touch display

"2019 is an important year for the development of Davos. With the strong support of the Guiyang municipal government and the government of the high tech Zone, we once again selected the Guiyang high tech Zone to establish the second Davos plant. The government exempted our rent for three years through financial subsidies, and also reduced or exempted corporate income tax." Said Chen Li, chairman of Guizhou Davos optoelectronics Co., Ltd

Chen Li said that in 2020, Guizhou Davos optoelectronics is expected to achieve sales revenue of 1billion yuan, promote employment of 1500 people, and achieve tax revenue of 8million yuan. "We strive to build a complete touch screen industry chain in Guiyang in five years, form a touch screen industry scale of 5billion yuan, and make contributions to the development of big data industry in Guizhou Province."

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