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Guigang power supply Wu Guihong: ten years of deep cultivation of cables, tianjianzhenzhang

China Power News correspondent Lin denglv reported that at the transmission management office of Guangxi Guigang Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power, when Wu Guihong was mentioned, he always thought of transmission cables, as well as the scene of him working hard in the cable trench. Whenever there was something about the transmission cables in Guigang District, he always thought of him at the first time. This simple post-80s generation, who silently sticks to ordinary posts in the front line, is hard to believe that he is a senior technician of power cables and a secondary skill expert of the company if he is not integrated into his work and understood carefully

from personal growth to pulling the team together

the first time I saw Wu Guihong was in the winter of 2013. At the age of 31, he had just served as the monitor of the fourth shift of transmission operation and maintenance, which was his ninth year of work. At this time, the cable major where the power transmission is located is basically a layman. Except that he himself is a cable technician, he can no longer find a senior cable worker. Although he and his team spent most of their time and energy on the operation and maintenance of overhead lines, as a monitor, he was determined to change the current situation of laymen in the cable discipline where the power transmission was located while doing a good job in the operation and maintenance of overhead lines

he is a very studious person with strong comprehension ability. As early as 2005, when he first started working, he was determined to learn to serve the electric power industry well. Fortunately, in the second year of his work, he was transferred to the cable public transformation class with the highest technical content in the line type of work. Here, he began his journey of apprenticeship and learning skills. No matter day or night, every bit of every day made him quickly complete his transformation. With perseverance and enthusiasm, in 2008, he handed in his first learning transcript - the second prize of Guangxi Electric Power Company Cable skills competition, and the following titles, "Guangxi electric power company young post expert" and "Guangxi electric power company cable technology expert"

it may be easy for a person to grow up, but it is much more difficult to pull up a fighting team if there are capacitors connected in the circuit. It is not easy to completely change the situation of laymen in the cable profession in the transmission station. After learning the professional technology and skills of cable, 2 Start the experimental machine: turn on the source switch of the experimental motor, and he began to cultivate high-voltage cable skilled talents in the transmission station. In 2014, he led the first batch of senior cable workers in the transmission station to carry out pre examination training. At that time, there was no suitable venue, nor training tools and materials, so he brazenly borrowed tools and materials from other departments - several sections of discarded cables and two uneven cable supports, relying on a few art knives and simple cable tools, he taught hand-in-hand in the open space for more than a month. Maybe it's the desire for knowledge, maybe it's the proportional relationship between pay and gain. With the efforts of him and the students, the first five candidates who took the exam successfully passed the cable advanced work permit. With the first batch of experience, the good news of the second batch and the third batch also came successively. So far, under the training of Wu Guihong, the transmission station has established a cable talent team with two technicians and more than a dozen senior workers. With the growth of the team, he himself has made continuous progress. He obtained the certificate of senior cable technician in 2014, was employed as a level III skill expert of Guangxi electric power in 2016, and was further employed as a level II skill expert of Guangxi electric power in 2018

from solving work problems to helping others solve problems

if what you have learned can not be effectively applied to work, and you can't really solve all kinds of production problems, the most exquisite technology is meaningless

in 2014, when measuring the circulating current of 110 kV Maoxi line cable, it was found that the circulating current seriously exceeded the standard, which seriously threatened the safe operation of the cable. With years of cable work experience, Wu Guihong preliminarily judged on the spot that this was the multi-point grounding of the cable outer sheath. However, the troubleshooting of multi-point grounding of outer sheath has always been a difficult problem in the industry. The data obtained by different methods may have great deviation. Many old experiences have encountered Waterloo in this regard. No matter how hard the bone is, someone has to chew it. Wu Guihong stayed on the site with the equipment for more than a week. Because the noise during the day will affect the judgment and measurement accuracy of troubleshooting, he was busy excavating and cleaning the site during the day and carrying out troubleshooting at night while it was quiet. Especially in the next two key days, he always worked until 1:00 a.m. and finally found and repaired more than a dozen ground fault points, The cable circulation has returned to the normal range

in addition to the equipment under his jurisdiction, he can always help customers with some problems as long as he can. In 2016, on the eve of the operation of Guigang Lyon biological power plant, the final voltage withstand test of 35 kV incoming cable failed, and seven cable heads exploded in the test. If the cable terminals are not qualified again, the operation of the whole power plant will be directly affected. At the critical moment when the customer had nothing to do, Wu Guihong rushed to the customer's place and was invited to help solve this problem. After carefully analyzing the cause of the cable head explosion, he pointed out that there were great problems in the accessory materials and construction technology. Then, under his whole process tracking and guidance, the eighth cable terminal was finally quickly manufactured and successfully passed the withstand voltage test

he is not only a customer, but also enthusiastic about helping county-level enterprises. On the eve of the National Day in 2017, a 35 kV cable line of Guiping power supply company in Xiawan suddenly broke down, which will soon affect the national day power protection work. In order to ensure that the fault can be repaired before the national day, Wu Guihong immediately rushed to the scene to carry out troubleshooting overnight as soon as he received the help task. After some series of measurements, it is an important historical stage for China to move from a middle-income country to a high-income country. He analyzed the waveform and found that there was a middle end of the faulty cable, and the fault was caused by the explosion of the middle end. However, due to the long service life of the cable, unclear account and the change of operation and maintenance personnel, the on-site personnel always believed that there was no middle end of the cable. With Wu Guihong's persistence and efforts, they finally found the middle end and accurately located the fault point, ensuring the smooth completion of the rush repair work in time

talking about safety, talking about efficiency and doing a good job "master"

safety is an eternal topic in the power industry, especially for special types of work on the line. How to keep the safety line in the heavy task of "fewer people live more" has become the focus of his attention

in the long-term cable operation and maintenance work, he found that there were shortcomings in the 110 kV cable grounding system in Guigang 9 and the state mediation area. The direct grounding box was installed on the terminal side of the pole and tower side. The operation and maintenance personnel had to climb the tower when carrying out routine operations such as measuring cable circulation. There was not only the risk of falling from high altitude and electric shock, but also a long single operation time, which undoubtedly added to the difficulties of the team with heavy tasks. In this regard, since 2015, he began to transform the 110 kV cable grounding system in Guigang District, swapping the direct grounding box installed on the tower side with the protection box installed in the substation, and adjusting the installation position of the grounding box according to the human-machine efficiency. After the transformation, not only the risks of falling from height and electric shock during routine operations such as measuring circulation are eliminated, but also the single operation time is greatly reduced

at ordinary times, he can always welcome every work as a master and try his best to do every little thing better. Indeed, only when a person takes work as his beloved career, integrates it and enjoys it, can he make continuous progress and do better, and Wu Guihong is such a person

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