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Guicheng printing and packaging industry upgrading

solvent free composite production line was officially put into use in Southern Packaging yesterday. It is reported that this is the first time for China's flexible packaging industry to use the solvent-free oil tube environmental protection production process with higher replacement intensity for mass production, which will accelerate the upgrading of the printing and packaging industry in Guicheng, Nanhai, and promote cleaner production

Cai Hong, Secretary General of the national food and Drug Packaging Association, said that due to the limitations of production capacity and technical level, China's food and drug packaging standards are significantly lower than the international level, forming an obstacle for China's packaging enterprises to enter the international market. The solvent-free composite production line just put into operation in Southern Packaging will effectively solve the environmental protection problems faced by the packaging industry at present

there is no solvent, carbon dioxide pollution volatilization, the processing speed of the production line is twice that of the previous production equipment, the consumption is the least, and the energy consumption is reduced to the lowest. These are the environmental protection significance of the solvent-free composite production line. Pujinbo, President of Nanfang packaging group BMU and CMU shell, said that in addition to selecting the world's leading environmental protection production equipment, Nanfang packaging also selects the solvent-free adhesive provided by Italian Keyi company, the world's leading adhesive and coating material expert. This will mean that the company can produce packaging materials in a more modern, efficient, cleaner and environmental friendly way. The practice of the experimental machine is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain the mechanical properties of data, which can improve the safety and standards of drug and food packaging, and improve the working environment of employees

in recent years, Guicheng has made use of its regional advantages to build Guangfo RBD and develop urban industries and leisure commerce. As one of the traditional pillar industries in Guicheng, the printing and packaging industry urgently needs to be upgraded. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 140 printing and packaging enterprises in the jurisdiction, accounting for about one third of the output value of the same industry in the South China Sea. At present, a number of star enterprises in Guicheng, mainly including Southern Packaging and Nantai cartons, are growing. The person in charge of Guicheng Street said that the introduction of solvent-free composite production line will accelerate the upgrading of Guicheng printing and packaging industry and make it more in line with Guangfo RBD's urban development strategy of developing urban industries

on the same day, the internship base of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Sun Yat sen University was settled in southern packaging. Starting this year, the two sides will cooperate in talent cooperation, packaging project development and research

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