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Guinness assisted in the construction of Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture and Art Center

Guinness assisted in the construction of Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture and Art Center

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Binhai New Area Culture Center is planned to be positioned as an international first-class culture and art complex, which will highlight the characteristics of complex functions, complete supporting facilities and pleasant scale. The first phase covers an area of 110000 square meters. Binhai New Area Cultural Center is located in the cultural corridor block west of Binhai New Area Central Avenue and east of Xusheng road and Dongting Road. The planned land area is 90 hectares, which is composed of culture and Art Center and culture and Art Park. At present, the project has fully entered the fine decoration stage, and it is expected to be completed and put into trial operation in the second half of 2017. Among them, Guinness, the world's top brand of aerial work platform in the construction of cultural corridor blocks, is indispensable

this cultural corridor is composed of 28 "steel umbrellas" - umbrella shaped steel structures, 340 meters long, 25 meters wide and 30 meters high. Like a ribbon, it connects five venues. At the bottom of the intersection of the long corridors, there is a "central hall" 140 meters long and 60 meters wide. After the completion of the cultural center, various types of literature and art and exhibition activities can be held here

Guinness helped Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture and art center build

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initially, Binhai lifted the hammer with his left hand this time. The general builder of the new area art center, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, decided to use scaffolding to finish the painting of these 28 "steel umbrella", However, Zhang Gong, the contractor in charge of coating engineering, said, "I have used the Gini aerial platform in previous construction operations, and deeply realized the high efficiency brought by the Gini aerial platform. Compared with the previous scaffold construction scheme, the efficiency has been improved by 30%, and the safety guarantee for construction personnel is unmatched by scaffolding. Therefore, I strongly recommend the Gini aerial platform for operation." At the suggestion of Zhang Gong, a total of more than ten Guinness equipment were used, including genie s-105 straight arm high-altitude working platform, genie s-125 straight arm high-altitude working platform and Genie s-100hd straight arm high-altitude working platform, which brought great development opportunities to the biodegradable new material industry. However, because the "reinforcement umbrella" is a special-shaped structure, it will waste a lot of time, manpower and material resources when setting up the scaffold, and it will also cause inconvenience to the on-site transportation, and the transportation of on-site materials will be more complex. Moreover, the scaffold will affect the normal operation of other types of work, which greatly extends the construction period to a certain extent. Genie s-125 Guinness straight arm aerial work platform with a working height of more than 40 meters combines excellent ductility and extraordinary mobility. The 360 ° continuous rotary table can make the positioning of the equipment fast and flexible. Because the tail swing is very small, the machine can also be operated flexibly in a narrow space. After using the Gini aerial work platform for construction, the workers no longer need to climb up and down the site like "Spider Man", but can drive the aerial work platform to appear freely and gracefully in every aerial work point, and the doubled sense of security makes them work more handy

genie s-105 straight arm aerial work platform

Wei is also the vice president of the College of engineering. After the contractor for painting has completed the construction, the construction party in charge of decoration has seen the safety and reliability of the Gini aerial work platform and the ultra-high operation efficiency, so it is required to try to use the Gini equipment for decoration. After trial, They realized: "not only the efficiency of decoration work has been greatly improved, but a stable working platform is also safer than scaffolding! It is simple to operate and easy to use." Finally, the decoration construction party selects Guinness aerial work platform for decoration construction

genie s-105 straight arm aerial work platform construction

efficient, flexible and safe, aerial work platform with its outstanding advantages will inevitably be more and more valued and favored by the construction party. Guinness will also keep up with the pace of the times, adhere to the enterprise concept of customer first, and strive to solve more aerial work problems and help the construction of more projects

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