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Guiyang city promotes the use of bulk cement in urban areas

on March 13, it was learned from the bulk cement meeting held by Guiyang construction bureau that last year, Guiyang only needed to call out impurities that were easy to heat and turn yellow such as iron in the last experiment after using bulk cement to power on; We can continue to experiment with 3.07 million tons, save more than 18000 tons of packaging paper, and save more than 101300 cubic meters of high-quality wood

it is reported that bagged cement consumes a lot of packaging during production and use, and emits a lot of dust during transportation, which affects the health of the masses. It is estimated that every 10000 tons of bulk cement can save 60 tons of packaging paper, equivalent to 330 cubic meters of high-quality wood. Developing bulk cement is an important measure to save resources, protect the environment, reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption. Since 2005, Guiyang has been promoting the use of bulk cement in urban areas and forbidding the mixing of cement at construction sites in urban areas, which has achieved good social and economic benefits. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions

in addition, Guiyang City, Zunyi City, Liupanshui City and Anshun City are the second batch of cities that have implemented the ban on mortar mixing in urban areas, and the official implementation time is July 1, 2008

reprinted from: Guizhou Metropolis Daily

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