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Puli Township, Guanling: UAV helps to "rapidly" promote the standardized work of poverty alleviation

in order to accelerate the "summer and Autumn" work of poverty alleviation and win the war of poverty alleviation, we should fully implement the requirements of "33137" proposed by Guanling in the standardized work of poverty alleviation, which covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And other test standards and specifications, that is, we should hold three meetings, draw three maps, establish a standing book, and calculate three accounts Implement the work requirements of the seven free transfers. Recently, the grid members in Yaxin village, Puli Township, Guanling Autonomous Prefecture, gave full play to the relevant professional and technical advantages they had mastered, purchased drones, aerial survey cameras and other equipment at their own expense, carried out a three-day aerial mapping in Yaxin village, and quickly promoted the qualified management of poverty eradication

the landform of Yaxin village, Puli Township, Guanling Autonomous County is relatively complex, with mountains, woodlands, paddy fields and ponds crisscrossed, and the villagers' groups are scattered. The industrial development planning lacks the necessary basic data of landform. According to the actual work needs, the grid members stationed in Yaxin village used the vertical lift UAV to carry out UAV mapping work on the six grids of the village, and obtained high-resolution high-precision orthophoto data, accurately calculated the data of cultivated land, mountains, forests, water systems and other natural resources, which provided an intuitive and clear important reference basis for further drawing the distribution map of the masses, infrastructure operation map and industrial development diagram of Yaxin village

it is reported that in the next step, Guanling Puli township will learn from the advanced experience of Yaxin village and the technical advantages of clear and fast photos taken by UAVs, comprehensively carry out UAV mapping operations in 67 grids in the township, and obtain high-resolution digital orthophoto images of all grids in the township. Jiang Zhimin, vice president of China Coal Industry Association, publicly said in January this year that he would like to introduce photos, videos and other geographic information data to the village, and have a good understanding of the landform, cultivated land The distribution status of gullies and villages should be better understood. At the same time, according to the data of various pull machines obtained, the village staff will carry out item by item and household analysis and judgment on the industrial planning, villagers' housing distribution, dilapidated housing reconstruction, farmland irrigation, transportation infrastructure construction, etc. of the village, so as to accurately help fight poverty and win this war without nitrate smoke

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