How to use the punching machine of the hottest bag

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How to use bag making machine and punching machine

bag making machine puncher classification

round hole bag making machine puncher diameter is mm, suitable for PE, Po, OPP, PVC, PPE, CPE and other plastic bag ventilation holes, stationery bags, food bags hook holes, etc., can punch single-layer plastic bags with a thickness of 0.02mm, and the speed is as high as 250 times/minute. Butterfly hole bag making machine puncher aircraft hole puncher, suitable for PE, Po, PP, OPP, PVC, PPE, PPU, CPE and other plastic bag clips, breathable, pearlescent film, hook holes, elevators and other products 4 Each length Pneumatic unit The number of display bits adopts dynamic exchange punching, which can punch the transition process of single-layer material thickness of 0.02mm symmetrical quantity, which is not concerned with the plastic bag, and the speed is as high as 150 times/minute. Hand held hole punching machine, namely hand-held hole punching machine, is suitable for punching shopping bags, rice bags, washing powder bags, as well as various plastic bags and paper bags with portable functions. PE, PP, OPP, Po, PVC, PPE, CPE and other material products can break single-layer plastic bags with a thickness of 0.02mm. Special shaped hole bag making machine punching machine can produce all kinds of special shaped holes according to customer requirements Multi mode holes, etc. (such as R-shaped, triangular triangular hole puncher, prismatic, trapezoidal and other corner cutting hole puncher, corner cutting die album hole puncher, tear die tear hole puncher, 11 hole die, 12 hole die, 27 hole die, 29 hole die, 30 hole die, 37 hole die, 39 hole die and other porous die puncher, which are suitable for punching photo album bags, A4 data bags, white stripe bags, CD inner page bags, business card bags, medical packaging bags and various paper products). The punching machine of bag making machine can punch all kinds of plastic films above 0.02mm at a speed of up to 250 times/minute* Pneumatic punching machine, plastic bag punching machine, plastic bag punching machine because of its unique mold structure and the high-precision stamping requirements of punching materials, so we need many details when selecting this kind of punching machine. Shanghai qunyue Mold Co., Ltd. has been producing pneumatic punching machines for many years, and now we share our experience with you! 1. The matching method between the bag making machine and the punching machine (1. Cooperate with the bag making machine, punching first, and then cutting the bag; 2. Use the punching independently controlled by the foot valve, which is generally used for post press processing, blister punching, etc., and post-processing punching). 2. Hole type of plastic bag punching machine (industry standard: small round hole, large round hole, butterfly hole, aircraft hole, triangle hole, hand-held hole/portable hole, multi hole mold, tear hole jc/t993 ⑵ 006 expanded polyethylene board plastering paste for external wall insulation, special-shaped hole, edge cutting hole, corner cutting hole, notch hole, etc.). 3. The specific size of the hole to be punched (preferably with a template or CAD drawing). 4. Materials that need to be punched (PE material has high requirements for the knife edge of the mold)

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