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Guilin Fuda: Lean should be "done" rather than "done"

Guilin Fuda: Lean should be "done" rather than "done"

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Guide: to do lean, there is a difference between doing it and doing it well. Although the two are only a word, there is an essential difference. The key to the poor performance of lean projects depends on whether the lean company did it perfunctorily or excellently. As a supplier of Yuchai shares in 2013, due to collaboration with σ B the corresponding load is the maximum load that the specimen (or workpiece) can bear when the metal is under uniaxial static tension

lean can be divided into "done" and "done well". Although there is only a word difference between the two, there is an essential difference. The key to the poor performance of lean projects depends on whether the lean company "did it" perfunctorily or "did it" excellently. Guilin Fuda crankshaft Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guilin Fuda"), as the pilot enterprise of the 2013 "Supplier Collaborative improvement" project of Yuchai Co., Ltd., takes the word "do well" as the work goal, and runs the lean concept through the whole production activities

the first battle was won: the unqualified rate of crankshaft in place fell by 54%

Guilin Fuda is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of engine crankshafts. It mainly provides engine crankshafts to Yuchai and is an excellent core supplier of Yuchai shares

an interesting thing was found in the production workshop of Guilin Fuda. Lu Jiejun, the head of the final inspection station, who was inspecting the axial length of G2500 crankshaft, did not use a vernier caliper as usual, but used another kind of inspection tool

after Lu Jiejun's introduction, he learned that the inspection tool is a special axial inspection tool designed and manufactured by the project team since the lean project. The inspection tool is composed of a dial gauge, a measuring support, a measuring rod, a measuring head, etc. it is calibrated on the shaft before inspection, and then the corresponding parts of the crankshaft are inspected. During the inspection, it is only necessary to check whether the pointer of all dial indicators stays between the upper and lower tolerance lines to determine whether the crankshaft is qualified. After the inspection, all axial length dimensions of a crankshaft are not more than 1 minute, which solves the problems of inaccurate measurement with vernier caliper and time-consuming, laborious and impossible measurement with height gauge

in March this year, Yuchai began to implement the "Supplier Collaborative improvement" project, expanding lean horizontally to suppliers, and enhancing the competitiveness of Yuchai and suppliers from the perspective of supply chain. After the statistical analysis of the quality data in 2012, Guilin Fuda has determined the lean improvement project of "reducing the unqualified rate of Guilin Fuda crankshaft in place", striving to "do the project" to stimulate the company's staff to "learn lean", so that the products produced can fully meet the needs of customers. This special inspection tool for axial length is the special inspection tool designed by Guilin Fuda in the process of exploring lean, which improves the accuracy of axial length inspection, realizes the inspection, and directly saves the company 773200 yuan of the cost of purchasing special comprehensive inspection tools, so that Guilin Fuda can first taste the benefits brought by lean. In addition to most small and medium-sized enterprises, Guilin Fuda also adopted advanced equipment such as British Landis grinder, American MP dynamic balancing machine and adcod testing equipment to assist in the implementation of this lean improvement activity

quality inspectors used self-made measuring tools to check products

then, Guilin Fuda gradually overcame other key factors one by one - grouping identification, screw hole drilling depth, crankshaft oil duct quality, pin hole reaming depth, journal diameter, etc. a total of 28 rapid improvements were made in the whole project process, and 1 There are 14 standardized documents of coaxiality. Various six sigma tools are used to analyze the existing problems, and many DOE tests are carried out for the journal polishing process and heat treatment process to find the best production combination between factors, which have achieved obvious results. After several months of efforts, the unqualified rate of crankshaft in place continued to decline for six consecutive months, from 23.36% in April to 10.70% in September, with a decrease of 54%, announcing the first victory of lean improvement

Xiao Jiancai, general manager of Guilin Fuda, was very confident in the Lean Project from the beginning, and made it clear that he advocated doing lean projects very much, and even advocated promoting lean to all fields and suppliers of the company, so as to improve the production efficiency, product quality, rapid development ability and enhance market competitiveness of the company as a whole. Xiao Jiancai said, "Guilin Fuda will be tight. 1. Jinan Shijin reminds you to check whether the line is in good condition before the test run, follow the development pace of Yuchai, try your best to meet the needs of Yuchai, and join hands to enter the ranks of international brands."

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