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The 2008 conjecture of China printing (I)

in an instant, it has reached the tail of 2007. I think most Chinese people will have unprecedented expectations for 2008. 2008 means the Olympic Games, the prosperity of the country and the strength of the people, and a new beginning. What does it mean for Chinese printing? I think we might as well make such an interesting and meaningful guess about China's printing in 2008, with expectations and hidden worries; There are blessings and exhortations

if the suffering of printing enterprises is embodied, in fact, it mainly refers to book printing enterprises. They are faced with vicious competition caused by a large number of low-level book and periodical printing enterprises lowering their wages after entering the market; They are faced with the embarrassing situation of positioning themselves, most of whom are born in the planned economy, as the subsidiary processing plants of publishing houses, living parts, etc., and lack of advanced market awareness to expand their own increment; They are facing the threat of declining demand for paper media caused by the popularity of Internet, computers, multimedia, etc; They are faced with the urgency of rising prices of printing raw materials, customers constantly lowering printing prices, and profit margins being constantly depressed; At the same time, they are also facing a series of market risks, such as breaking the monopoly threshold, lowering the price of teaching materials, low printing volume of many varieties of teaching materials, changes in printing format, new requirements for paper and so on, even the most promising textbook printing in book and magazine printing

for 2008, most of our screw cylinders do not need to be cooled down. We expect book printing enterprises to completely walk out of the cold winter. On the one hand, we hope that the state can introduce relevant favorable policies to make book printing enterprises, as an important part of the cultural industry, truly be covered by corresponding policies; The problems of value-added tax and tax exemption of imported equipment can be effectively solved under the promotion of the common forces of the industry

on the other hand, we hope to see more enterprises start or accelerate the pace of market-oriented evolution of enterprises. After careful market analysis and demand segmentation, we can truly start from market demand and build our own core competitiveness

2007 is not so much a new round of acceleration in China's CTP market as a wake-up start year for China's printing enterprises' process digitalization

many printing enterprises bought their first CTP system under the expectation of improving printing quality, and finally found that CTP is not a high-quality printing pass once and for all. On the contrary, CTP system has become the first step for printing enterprises to create the digitalization of the whole printing process

printing enterprises began to gradually abandon the analog image and page processing system, and carried out the collection, processing, graphic combination, proofing, output of high-precision and digital color images, as well as the digitization of CTP page file output. Because of the digitalization of prepress, printing enterprises began to make new attempts in the design of the standard of original format, the color management of the whole printing process, the perfect connection between prepress work and printing process, and even the digitalization of printing material management and operation management

it will take time for Chinese printing enterprises to fully digitalize the printing process, but perhaps in 2008, CTP has no longer become a term that has been popular in the industry for ten years. The next stop is full digitalization

for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games! Someone predicted. It is estimated that the amount of enterprise publicity investment brought by the 29th Olympic Games will easily exceed $2billion

for the Beijing Olympic Games, some people will think that this is the best time for China to prove itself to the world as a world printing factory. When people all over the world pay attention to China, Chinese printing enterprises tell every potential customer that our printing quality is also very high, our work efficiency is also very high, and the key is that our printing price is very low. In this way, it should be just around the corner to use overseas printing business to get rid of the dilemma of insufficient domestic printing sources and mutual bargaining

some people will also think that Chinese printing enterprises are obviously like people who eat a buffet for the first time, spending all their money to build factories, buy equipment, and make full preparations for the Olympic gambling. However, as soon as the Olympic printing carnival is over, too much production capacity will become a bomb, and Chinese printing enterprises will be destroyed

the pessimists' hidden worries are not groundless. On July 31, 2007, BOCOG released the investigation results on the suspected labor employment problems of four Olympic franchise enterprises. Among them, Guangdong Dongguan Liqi Stationery Co., Ltd., which has officially become a licensed manufacturer and operator of paper printing for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, illegally hired 8 underage student workers to engage in the packaging of external products during the student winter vacation from January to February 2007, and there were serious problems such as not signing labor contracts with some workers. BOCOG decided to stop the company's qualification as a licensed manufacturer and ordered it to immediately stop the production and sales of licensed goods for the Beijing Olympic Games

those who have become Olympic printing service providers must make their own choice between the risks of having to expand production to meet the needs of the Olympic Games and the sharp decline in business demand after the Olympic Games. The packaging boxes are opened in more ways and are more convenient for operation, and those printing enterprises who also want to take a share of the Olympic business opportunities should also do such a choice

but we seem to have seen the positive solution of this multiple-choice problem, the wolf strategy

as a printing service provider for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing youpaike packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. is actually a joint venture formed by several professional packaging and printing enterprises, and many printing enterprises preparing for the Olympic Games have also formed loose cooperative alliances. Once a company obtains Olympic business opportunities that it cannot digest, it will carry out live decomposition in this cooperative alliance, Today, Shandong Sida high tech, the leading enterprise, introduced to the association that the error caused by the elimination device means that the enterprise pays the agreed printing and processing costs

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