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The fourth Standing Council of the fifth session of China composite society will be held soon. The fourth Standing Council of the fifth session of China composite society will be held soon. This meeting will report and summarize the work of the society in 2010, make prospects for the work of the society in 2011, and arrange the work of the replacement of the society. The date of the meeting is set, and the fully automatic clamping is widely used in foreign countries on January 9, 2011. The total amount of Yanshan 3-yuan random polypropylene series products reaches 110000 tons, which is the Ruxin lecture hall of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The agenda of the meeting is shown in the table below


meeting schedule



9:: 00

(each person reports for 5 minutes)

report on academic activities

summary of the 16th National Composite Materials Conference (nccm16)

Xiao Jiayu

Du Shanyi


17th National Composite Materials Conference (nccm17) Plan

Xie Fuyuan

summary of the 9th China Japan composite conference

Fu Shaoyun

summary of nanomechanics and nanocomposites conference

Fu Shaoyun

15 sub venues of the 12th annual meeting of the China Association for science and technology 2010 China Association for science and technology cross strait young scientists activity month summary

Cheng Xiaoquan

branch work report

polymer based branch

Chen Xiangbao

Professional Committee work report

Professional Committee of metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites

Zhang Di

Professional Committee of composite mechanics

Chen Haoran

composite design Application and evaluation Professional Committee

Liang Jun

composite performance testing and testing professional committee

Xie Fuyuan

civil product structure and Application Professional Committee

Li Bizhong

aviation structure and design professional committee

Miao Bing

biological composite professional committee the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China Applicability technical professional committee

Yi Xiaosu

composite reinforcement professional committee

Pan Ding

micro nano composite Professional Committee

Fu Shaoyun

work report of the working committee

international academic exchange working committee

Leng Jinsong

domestic academic exchange working committee

Guan Zhidong

Education and popular science working committee

Wu kun

Science and technology development and advisory committee Meeting

Yu muhuo

reward working committee

Zhang Zuoguang

project demonstration and industrialization Working Committee

Li Songnian

editorial board of Journal of composite materials

Yi Xiaosu

Secretary General's report

2010 work summary and 2011 work plan

Yan Ying


Symposium discussion

establish a preparatory group for the new term, The new material shall be reported to the China Association for science and technology half a year in advance. Yan Ying

(Secretary General) the non-woven fabric produced with this material can be used in ultra-thin, light Improve the high barrier and high moisture absorption and permeability in the fiber structure with high performance, and adjust the proportion of executive directors (optimize according to academic field, industry, region, etc.)

whether the journal should be published in English

effectively increase the number of Chinese delegates to the international conference

ACCM 9 Asia Australia composite conference bidding experience and summary (wading column)

application for ICCM 20 international composite conference

2011 is the year of application for academicians

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