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The fourth marketing and sales training of Saiyuan partners will be held in Shanghai from June 15 to 16. From June 15 to 16, 2012, Saiyuan automation's fourth industrial remote and wireless communication marketing and sales training for partners will be held in Shanghai. Then, the technical training of industrial products will be held in Shanghai for the majority of technicians from June 19 to 20 (see the technical training notice)

this training is for new domestic partners to carry out detailed market analysis and product positioning. It will carry out training on sales methods and steps for OEM and Si, combined with many years of rich industry experience of Saiyuan automation. Through unique analysis, we can improve our understanding of the blue ocean market and the convenient way to explore the market, improve the accuracy of sales, and promote partners to better explore the local market

Saiyuan responds to the requirements of its partners for the sales, marketing, organization and management training of Saiyuan products for its sales and management personnel. The fourth partner training will be held at the East China headquarters of China self media in Shanghai

I. training objectives

through training, the salesperson and manager will not have the phenomenon of melting and dripping like EPS or XPS materials. The salesperson will have a comprehensive understanding of Saiyuan industrial remote and wireless communication products, understand the relevant technology of Saiyuan products, be familiar with the target group of Saiyuan customers, master the relevant sales skills, and how to manage and organize the sales team

II. Training contents

the training contents include products, technologies, marketing and sales skills, management, etc. Taking Changzhou as an example

III. time and place

time: June 15-16, 2012

place: China self media East China headquarters, No. 18, Lane 1000, zhangheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

IV. about signing up for the training, each partner is limited to two places for training (general manager and sales manager are recommended)

fill in the following form and register:

Training Registration Form

note: Please bring at least 50 business cards per person

this training is free, and the trainees can take care of their own accommodation. They can book the surrounding hotels through Saiyuan. For any unclear points about this training, please call the contact person of this meeting:, Miss Zhao Xue, shirley@ for consultation

we look forward to your presence and cooperate to create a new era of industrial control network communication

the detailed address and contact information of Saiyuan are as follows:

Company Name: Shenzhen Saiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd.

address: 1003 Changhong science and technology building, South District, Shenzhen high tech Park (postcode: 518057)



email: partner@

Service: 4 continue to carry out "graphene +" Action


the training map of Shanghai is as follows:

zhangjiangrun and international headquarters park, No. 18, Lane 1000, zhangheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

it has only a history of more than 100 years, and is about 2km away from Jinke Road, Metro Line 2

best regards

Shenzhen Saiyuan Automation System Co., Ltd.

May 3, 2012

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