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Editor's note: on December 9, 2008, Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group (IA DT)'s "know the way, find the wonderful" media line activity started again. The fourth stop with the theme of "industrial automation and drive technology group - a model of Siemens' enterprise values", the four month 2008 Siemens media event "knowing the maximum load elongation and failure elongation: trying to find the way of elongation produced under the maximum load or within the gauge length at the time of failure under the action of tensile stress, and finding the best" also came to a successful end

on December 9, 2008, Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group (IA DT) launched its media event "know the way, find the magic" again. The fourth stop with the theme of "industrial automation and drive technology group - a model of Siemens' enterprise values" attracted more than 20 industries and mass media from across the country. They visited Siemens product management software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (PLM) in Shanghai, Siemens motor (China) Co., Ltd. (SSML) in Yizheng and Siemens numerical control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (SNC) in Nanjing

Siemens PLM seamless connection between virtual and real world

in 2007, Siemens completed the acquisition of UGS, the world's leading supplier of product lifecycle management software, and renamed it PLM Software, thus becoming the world's first and only integrated supplier of product and production lifecycle management software and hardware

Siemens firmly believes that the closer integration of design engineering and plant operations will immediately provide greater value to manufacturing enterprises from the perspective of industry valuation, especially in the next few years. PLM - product lifecycle management software, as an indispensable and important software for manufacturing enterprises, has become the right arm of manufacturers. The high application and effective management of PLM can make a new model take only days from conceptual design, modeling design, mold opening to manufacturing; Similarly, automobile manufacturers will therefore be able to speed up the market launch of new cars, so as to flexibly respond to changes in market demand at a lower cost and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. This platform helps enterprises to innovate constantly, make collaboration spread throughout the value chain, help enterprises realize the unified management of product and manufacturing life cycle, effectively control production costs, and improve productivity

at present, the Siemens PLM R & D center in Shanghai and 25 other Siemens PLM R & D centers all over the world form a global R & D network. Mr. xujuren, director of Siemens PLM Software Shanghai R & D center and director of knowledge engineering product development department, said: "Siemens PLM Software's focus in China in the next 5 to 10 years is to build a platform for innovation and technology exchange among manufacturing enterprises in Greater China, and provide coping strategies and industry solutions with the characteristics of Greater China. In China, our products have been widely used by many large manufacturing users in industries such as aviation, national defense, transportation, mechanical equipment, high-tech electronics and consumer goods. At the same time, we also pay attention to China In the small enterprise market, Siemens PLM will focus on the reconfiguration or simplification of multiple levels for small and medium-sized enterprises, develop products with Chinese characteristics, share technology and experience with Chinese enterprises, and seek common development. " For those production-oriented enterprises who are looking forward to global resource integration and centralized control, PLM's continuous powerful and rich functions will also enable global collaboration to be realized and have higher efficiency

SSML localization

in 2005, IA DT signed an agreement with its Chinese partner Jiangsu Beide Electric Co., Ltd. to establish Siemens motor (China) Co., Ltd. (SSML) in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Siemens is the world's leading supplier of industrial automation, and Jiangsu Beide Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of small and medium-sized low-voltage motors in China. SSML can be described as a combination of the strengths of the two. Since its establishment three years ago, important motor series products have been added to the existing product portfolio, and the localized production of all drive products, including frequency converters, gearboxes and motors, has been realized. As a part of Siemens' development strategic plan in China, the business of locally manufactured products of Siemens has been strengthened

at SSML, Mr. Huo Yan, general manager of IA DT standard transmission department, and Mr. arzberger, general manager of SSML, introduced the development of standard transmission business in China and localized production and R & D. We not only saw Siemens' localized production in China, but also saw Siemens' firm commitment to promoting the development of China's automation market

snc- "digital factory" model pilot

from the visit to Siemens Shanghai PLM, everyone came into contact with the concept of "digital factory", and the practical feelings and experience of this concept, in the last stop of this trip, Siemens numerical control (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. (SNC) received a comprehensive zero distance experience

this model of the "digital factory" of Siemens IA DT group under construction is also committed to becoming an integrated electronic manufacturing center of IA DT in China. At present, three phases of plants have been built successively, and the product range includes the automation system department, motion control department, standard transmission department and low voltage control and Distribution Department under ia DT

in Siemens' global planning, SNC will further expand its production capacity through continuous optimization. At present, 69% of SNC's turnover is allocated to the domestic market, and 31% is sold to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other overseas markets. The design and production of many products here will be based on meeting the needs of all parts of the world to achieve the standards of export to the world market while meeting the needs of the Chinese market. An important reason why SNC can assume the responsibility of Siemens' global product production in this way is that SNC's continuous production process improvement, especially its lean workshop design, on the premise of ensuring stable and reliable product quality, significantly optimizes process management, reduces the number of WIP to zero, greatly shortens the production cycle of products, and reduces the production time to half of the original

while lamenting SNC's huge investment scale of 410million euros so far, we have a deeper sense of the layout of global R & D and production. According to Wang Kun, deputy general manager of SNC, there are not only controller products like simatics developed in the United States and produced in China, but also LOGO! In this way, series controllers are developed and produced in China. At the same time, some products are developed in SNC and produced by Siemens in the United States

at the meeting, everyone had a heated discussion on the pilot significance of SNC as Siemens' "digital factory" and the development prospect of fully integrated automation in China. Mr. FedEx, the general manager of IA DT Automation System Department, who came from Beijing specially, explained to media friends the business of automation system department and the development trend of variable displacement pump and fixed displacement pump technology driven by servo electromechanical in combination with automatic Engel's ecodrive system, He also said, "SNC is a proud work of Siemens Automation Group in China. It is a demonstration park of Siemens' fully integrated automation in China. Although the real realization of digital chemical plants still needs a long period of time, Siemens will make sustained efforts in this field, lead the industry to make ideological and technological innovation, and promote the pace of development."

Siemens' enterprise values - trace back to today

during this trip, you also visited East China University of science and technology in Shanghai and the labe Memorial in the famous xiaofenqiao in Nanjing

Siemens is unremittingly committed to the corporate goal of becoming a "respected enterprise". While seeking its own development, it has also been paying attention to the training of local R & D capabilities and talents. Since 2005, Siemens IA DT has worked with many domestic universities, including East China University of science and technology, to seek innovation and provide them with the latest experimental equipment, scholarships, internships and employment opportunities. While fulfilling the society as a global top 500 enterprise, it not only provides practical opportunities for technical talents, but also opens up a broader platform for enterprise R & D and innovation, forming a "win-win" and "win-win" situation for enterprises, colleges, governments, students and employees

as the earliest witness of Siemens' activities in China, the visit to Rabe Memorial in Nanjing touched more people. From 1931 to 1938, Mr. John Rabe was one of the heads of Siemens in China. During the fall of Nanjing and the massacre, he established the Nanjing international security zone with a dozen foreign missionaries, doctors, businessmen, etc., and served as the chairman of the International Security Zone Committee. The security zone provided temporary shelter for about 250000 Chinese refugees. Mr. Rabe also sheltered about 600 refugees in his home next to Nanjing University, and was honored as "Schindler of the East". As the head of Siemens' business in China at that time, Rabe contributed to Siemens' reputation in China and will be deeply engraved in the hearts of the Chinese people. Siemens will also continue the spirit of struggle that has been in China for more than 130 years, take root in China and make common progress with China


with the conclusion of the fourth stop, the 2008 Siemens "know its way, find its magic" media event, which started in late September and lasted four months, also came to a successful end. More than 40 people from about 30 industries and mass media have visited a total of 12 operating companies of Siemens IA DT and obtained first-hand information about localized production and R & D here, involving Siemens' factory automation, process automation, low-voltage control and distribution businesses. At the same time, IA DT's continuous innovation and efforts to promote the development of automated higher education in China have also left a deep impression on the media. Media friends have said that they have gained a lot, and they also look forward to having similar opportunities to visit and study again in the future, further strengthen communication and understanding with Siemens' management, and jointly promote the process of industrial automation in China

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