The fourth QC achievement presentation meeting of

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The "fourth QC achievement publishing meeting" of CCCC Xizhu was successfully concluded

the "fourth QC achievement publishing meeting" of CCCC Xizhu was successfully concluded

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on March 30, CCCC Xizhu standardized, modularized, highly uniform and reduced processing methods integrating the comprehensive performance of components with different thickness held the "fourth QC achievement publishing meeting". The results of the QC group were published. The jury group, the presenters and main members of the QC group, A total of 49 people participated in this 1 The viscosity of the oil used is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe 1 of the oil delivery valve when loading) QC results presentation meeting

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among the 13 QC teams of this year, 11 are problem-solving and 2 are innovative. All QC team units organize and participate in personnel to learn technology, management, brainstorm and work together, analyze and solve problems with scientific methods, widely apply QC team activities to production management, technical improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction, scientific and technological innovation, increase production and efficiency and other production and management fields, and transform intangible quality culture into tangible achievements to improve enterprise economic benefits. Through the application and implementation of the QC results in actual production, 5.3642 million yuan can be saved every year through benefit calculation

the judges' question session

after the judges' scoring and ruling, the mixing division was finally awarded the first prize honor of "shortening the realization cycle of hot silo"; The second prize honors of "improving the appearance quality of ms9b aggregate silo" in the structure workshop and "optimizing the management of heat treatment and reducing the cost of power consumption" in the machining workshop; The comprehensive workshop "reduces the re spraying rate", the mixing business department "reduces the unqualified items of hot bin inspection", and the paving business department "solves the welding deformation, weld cracking and oil leakage of the hydraulic oil tank of the ltd600 series paver"


through the continuous research of QC topics by various units, the strength of technological innovation and problem solving has been enhanced, and a good atmosphere for promoting the quality improvement and innovative development of the company has been formed. CCCC West Construction adheres to the vision of "advanced manufacturing service provider of road construction and maintenance equipment", and adheres to the development road of "strengthening at both ends and refining in the middle", It has added impetus to scientific and technological innovation

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