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Paper industry: the profit in the fourth quarter is expected to be good

the paper industry first suppressed and then increased in the first half of 2011, tending to be stable. Volume: after the off-season of the Spring Festival, the output has rebounded steadily, hitting new highs every month, and the sales volume is relatively flat; Price: the replenishment of inventory and costs after the spring system basic configuration Festival have driven up prices, but the release of supply and unclear demand have gradually become obstacles; Profit: Although the gross profit margin rose slightly after the year, it was still lower than that in the same period under cost pressure, which caused the profit growth rate to continue to be lower than the income growth rate

profits are difficult to improve in the short term, and 11q4 is expected to gradually improve. The industry is facing factors such as centralized release of production capacity and sluggish demand in the off-season of sales, which makes it difficult to improve its profit forecast; Subsequently, with the improvement of the economy driving the demand of the paper industry, coupled with the fact that the release of production capacity has come to an end and the elimination of backward production capacity has driven the supply inflection point, the industry profit is expected to improve in 11q4. 11 in the second half of the year, the judgment of the prosperity of paper types is as follows: white card white board, life pendulum fast falling paper, box board corrugated, uncoated cultural paper, paper and coated paper. The price of fiber raw materials is expected to stabilize and rebound as a whole. There are great differences in supply and demand among different categories: needle leaves are bullish, broad leaves are flat, waste paper is expected to be basically stable, and the profit of dissolved pulp is narrowed due to the fluctuation of cotton price

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