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New product release of Mingwei - elp

with the rising energy prices and the rising awareness of environmental protection, the market has increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation of electronic related products. In order to respond to the world trend of environmental protection and green energy and meet the future market requirements for low-energy products, Mingwei has launched a new generation of 75W high-efficiency and low-energy ac/dc open frame type power supply ~ elp-75 series. This series mainly locks low-cost applications that do not require a power supply enclosure and can be built into the system enclosure. Compared with the first generation of long base plate lps-75 series, the elp-75 has an average working efficiency of 5~11% and the excellent energy-saving characteristics of no-load standby loss of 0.5W can be applied to various system designs with green energy saving considerations

elp-75 adopts advanced high-efficiency circuit design, can accept 90~264vac AC voltage input, and has an ultra-high conversion efficiency of up to 90%. Therefore, it can only use natural air cooling to work at -30~+70 ℃, meeting the high environmental temperature requirements of the closed system operating environment. Active power factor correction (active PFC) function is built in the design, which meets the requirements of EU en for harmonic current limitation, and greatly reduces the interference of AC power system, which is also a waste plastic consumer market, on the experimental machine clamp introduced by the system equipment. The wedge-shaped mouth with two inclined planes is precisely based on the above clamping method. The perfect protection functions include short-circuit protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection, which are set without affecting the experimental results. Due to the extremely low standby wattage consumption (0.5W) of this model, the use of Mingwei's elp-75 will enable the terminal system to easily meet the current energy specifications of the EU energy related products/erp and energy star. In addition, this product is designed to meet the requirements of ul/cul/tuv/cb/ce and other international certification, so that you can use it safely. The required fixture is suitable for 5 flowers and 8 doors, including automatic industrial equipment, electromechanical industry or relevant systems requiring low standby consumption watts

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