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According to the news on December 25, Beijing time, the new project of Hong Kong dafuxin group settled in Jinzhou. Some time ago, the white iPhone4 was out of stock worldwide due to the difficulties in the production of window glass. Yesterday, at the signing ceremony of major projects in Jinzhou new area, Ningxiang, a pilot area in the west of the great river in Changsha, the new project of Hong Kong dafuxin group, China's largest supplier of the original piece of iPhone touch screen glass, settled in Jinzhou. After the completion of the project, the annual output of carbon only steel called carbon steel (carbon steel) or ordinary steel will reach 5million square meters in the plastic industry, which can meet the demand of 500million iPhones

yesterday's signing ceremony was hosted by Ningxiang County Party committee and government. Seven major investment projects, including Ningxiang Mingjia Plaza project of Macao Mingjia group, Hong Kong dafuxin super touch screen glass source project, and Zu Xing photovoltaic cell paste project, were signed on site and settled in Jinzhou new area of Ningxiang. The total amount of new wind initiated by the signing reached 63. 6.3 billion yuan

as the largest supplier of touch screen glass source for iPhone in China, Hong Kong dafuxin group will invest 2billion yuan in Jinzhou new area to build super touch screen glass source and other projects. According to chenjianbo, chairman of the board of directors of the company, the new project settled in Jinzhou will give up part of the profits to maintain market share in the face of competition. The total land for the new project will reach 300 mu, and the projects such as super touch screen glass source, TFT-LCD ultra-thin glass substrate, PCB board, etc. will be built. The new plant is expected to be officially put into operation at the end of this year

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