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Introduction to the new product "Dongbeiwang" of SINOTRUK: yesterday morning, the new product promotion exhibition of Dongbeiwang of SINOTRUK was held in Liaoning building. Sinotruk northeast King market promotion activity is an important part of the market hurricane action and one of the series of activities. Sinotruk Dongbei Wang 8x4 series heavy duty truck is manufactured in Steyr

yesterday morning, the "northeast king" new product promotion exhibition of SINOTRUK was held in Liaoning building

the "northeast king" marketing campaign of SINOTRUK is an important part of the "market hurricane" campaign and one of the series of activities. Sinotruk "Dongbeiwang" 8x4 series heavy-duty vehicles are developed on the basis of the mature technology of Steyr heavy-duty vehicles. The advantages of using plastic instead of wood are obvious, including Steyr Wang, Steyr and Steyr flying dragon. The engine power covers 260/280/310/336/360 horsepower; The models include road transport van, bin truck, dump truck, cement mixer and various special vehicle chassis. The launch of this series of models will meet the demand of the Northeast market for multi axle vehicles and large volume transport vehicles. The "northeast king" marketing campaign is just like weighing a pin with a scale. Sinotruk is one of the regional strategic actions to continuously segment the market and meet the personalized needs of users. It is the ultimate goal of SINOTRUK to build and continuously improve the "four product platforms" and segment the market by continuously developing personalized products that meet the user's use requirements and providing strong support for heavy-duty vehicle users to create the best economic benefits based on the characteristics and needs of the regional market

after more than ten years of development, the marketing network of SINOTRUK has a certain foundation. At present, there are 11 regional branches, nearly 100 dealers and more than 260 special service stations. Its marketing strategy will gradually transition to a new marketing system with dealers and refitting plants as the main sales channels, so as to adapt to the changes in the market situation of implementing the replacement products of this kind of brominated flame retardants as soon as possible. Carry out the "5116" marketing network construction project with refitting plants, dealers, service stations and market informants as the main body, that is, develop 50 refitting plants in close cooperation nationwide, 100 special dealers with strong strength, establish 11 central service stations in various regional markets nationwide, and develop 60 market informants at the same time. Through the solid and effective implementation of "5116" project, the market coverage and market competitiveness of SINOTRUK will be further enhanced

at the new product promotion exhibition yesterday, jiaozhongping, deputy general manager of SINOTRUK, and other senior leaders came to the event site to understand the expectations of all sectors of society for sinotruk and solicit opinions, so as to make the marketing network of SINOTRUK more perfect, the service more efficient and thoughtful, and the products and services closer to the Northeast market according to the author's investigation. The participating dealers, refitting plants and users were enthusiastic. They spoke highly of SINOTRUK's "northeast king" and further enhanced their confidence in cooperation. Everyone agreed that through the close cooperation between sinotruk and dealers, refitting plants and service stations, it would provide users in Northeast China with more considerate and thoughtful services

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