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New product recommendation - Beijing Kaifa frequency converter

Kaifa frequency converter import mature technology reliable and stable domestic price Beijing Kaifa chuangxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Zhongguancun, Haidian, China, is specialized in the research, development, sales and after-sales service of frequency converters. Since its establishment, the company has been flattering the concept of "building a business with integrity and winning with quality". Its products have passed the ISO9001:2000 management system certification and are widely used in thermal power generation, metallurgy, mining, urban, water supply, heating, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other fields. The company has been rated as "demonstration unit of integrity management of Chinese enterprises" for many consecutive years

now we are grandly launching the "pioneer frequency converter" series to all walks of life. New and old users are welcome to buy and purchase. We sincerely invite all places to be known as the "green card" dealer agent in the industry. We will, as always, provide you with the best quality products and the most satisfactory after-sales service

pioneer is willing to cooperate with you to create better performance

reinforced plastic kt-a6g/p:3-phase 200V series (applicable to electric machine model: 0.75kw-75kw)

kt-a6g/p:3-phase 400V series (applicable to electric machine model: 1.5kw-400 kW during engine test)

☆ quickly adapt to load mutation, provide the most efficient output voltage and fully save energy

☆ advanced automatic torque compensation and automatic slip compensation can optimize the system performance

☆ built in PID regulator with more convenient adjustment can form closed-loop control of pressure, temperature and flow

☆ monitoring function and adjustment function of multiple parameters

☆ it can directly replace the frequency converter imported from Europe, the United States and Japan, and is suitable for any occasion

☆ reliable and stable operation with low speed and large torque output

☆ RS-485 serial port communication is easy to form DCS control

☆ automatic energy-saving operation mode can be set

☆ high definition digital LED display, humanized interface

kt-a8/p8:3-phase 200V series (applicable motor model: 0.75kw-110kw)

kt-a8/p8:3-phase 400V series (applicable motor model: 1.5kw-500kw)

☆ open loop vector control (SVC), closed loop vector control (pg+vc), v/f control in one

☆ new generation self-tuning system

☆ automatic tuning of motor parameters

☆ all field protection function

☆ excellent environmental compatibility

☆ three operation modes

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