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A new project has been launched in Europe to develop nanostructured films without solvents and residual monomers

Napole n, led by Jos é Mar í a asua, Professor of Polymer Materials Department of upv/ehu University, has cancelled the m6-c clinical trial in the United States, and the comprehensive project has recently been launched

the project has been prepared for more than four years. It is composed of 21 European experts from different commercial companies and universities. It is mainly committed to developing a solvent-free and residual monomer controllable nanostructure film. The innovation of the project is that the film with controllable structure can be uniformly dissolved in water. The company has obtained the production technology license of polypropylene (PP) honeycomb material. The new characteristics of various nano material films for plastic functional modification include enhanced adhesion with the base material, increased hardness and strength, and wear resistance. Step 2: printing a little powder on the process test-bed can improve the permeability to liquid and gas, and enhance the fire resistance. This product will make 2500 film manufacturing enterprises in Europe with 100000 employees more competitive

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