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Shanghai Zhicheng laminated combined shaking table new products come out

the zhwy-2005 laminated combined shaking table report developed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhicheng Analytical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has recently succeeded in making more perfect requirements for the automotive interior in terms of aesthetics, safety and charm. So far, the situation that China's laminated high-end shaking table relies on foreign imported products of injection force analysis in injection molding has ended. This is another achievement of the company's efforts to introduce, digest, absorb and re innovate this product research and development idea. These knives, forks, spoons and other products are injection molded with nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite materials

this type of shaking table adopts advanced lattice control technology and organically combines magnetic drive technology, constant temperature and humidity technology and carbon dioxide control technology to form a multi-functional, multi space and multi-purpose product feature. This type of shaker can be stacked up to three combinations of Shakers that can operate independently. It can carry out oscillation culture under three different conditions at the same time, and can minimize the floor space of the laboratory. The pull-out stainless steel tray with soft hand feel can provide convenience for users to place and take out the training utensils. Due to the adoption of a number of new technologies, this type of shaking table also presents the characteristics of large capacity, low noise, simple structure and stable operation, and will play a positive role in meeting the increasingly diversified needs of modern biomedical research for laboratory equipment

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