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The new mining mixer of Zoomlion concrete machinery has opened a new era

the new mining mixer of Zoomlion concrete machinery has opened a new era

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recently, the csm45 mining mixer of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. was offline, which is suitable for the construction of mining companies and opened a new era of concrete transportation

in the construction machinery market, concrete transportation has always been a difficult problem for tunnel and mine constructors. As the railway tunnel is usually only 3M high, the underground roadway environment of the mine is often potholes, muddy and dark, which often leads to the limited vision of the construction personnel. The concrete mixer truck on the market is generally bulky, with insufficient motor off-road performance and no explosion-proof function, which can not meet the working conditions of mine tunnels. Although the mining mixer of foreign brands is relatively advanced, it does not fully adapt to the current construction situation in China, and the price of equipment and accessories is only high for the successful development of vanadium battery, and the service is also lagging behind. In view of the above situation, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and designed this mine mixer

as early as 2009, Zoomlion began to pay attention to the special construction conditions of mine roadways, small section tunnels, gas tunnels and other construction sites in China. It carried out extensive research in mountainous and tunnel areas such as Fujian, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Shanxi, and collected a large amount of information. Zoomlion was founded by the Construction Machinery Research Institute, and its Italian CIFA company has nearly a century of research and development history of mine tunnel equipment. Taking the star product spray manipulator of mine tunnel pumping and spraying developed by CIFA as an example, its technology and sales are in the leading position in the world. In 2014, the company's R & D team, on the basis of fully studying the needs of customers who need to pay attention to one problem, deeply absorbed the mine tunnel R & D technology of CIFA company, and developed a csm45 mining mixer with two functions of walking and mixing, which has the characteristics of good overall mobility, high automation, stable performance, simple operation, safety and reliability, and is suitable for China's national conditions

in terms of specification and performance, csm45 mining mixer truck is only 2.6m in height and 2.2m in width, and can pass through most of the mine roadways, small cross-section tunnels and other narrow spaces without obstacles. The chassis is a special chassis for mine tunnels, with an external turning radius of only 6.3 meters, and the turning road width under special working conditions only needs about 4 meters, meeting the turning requirements in a narrow space; The driving mode is four-wheel drive. Compared with the only front wheel steering function of the current general chassis in the market, the steering mode has three modes: multi rear wheel steering, convergence steering and crab steering. Coupled with special mining tires, the whole vehicle has super maneuverability, which can better adapt to the situation that there are many tunnels and the sensitivity of road products is also a miscellaneous vehicle turning and vehicle displacement in the tunnel that we should pay special attention to; The cab adopts the fully enclosed cab seat with international certification, which has superior explosion-proof performance, and can ensure the personal safety of the driver to the greatest extent even in the case of explosion and overturning; The lighting systems comply with strict mine safety standards, are equipped with special warning lights, and are equipped with infrared reversing images, which extend the driver's field of vision in a large range, and solve the problems of dark light and limited field of vision; The fully enclosed hydraulic sealing cover solves many technical problems of common mixer truck, such as sprinkling and dripping, loading and unloading; The mixer truck is equipped with T-shaped blades with international and Chinese invention patents. The service life of the blades is increased by 20% and the uniformity of concrete is increased by 15%; A tail gas particle catcher is installed at the middle end of the silencer behind the engine. The heater is used to convert it into carbon dioxide to purify the tail gas, which meets the stringent environmental emission requirements in Europe

the design background of Zoomlion csm45 mining mixer is the working condition of mine tunnels in China. On the basis of ensuring product reliability, it gives full play to the practicality of key configurations. Therefore, the cost performance advantage of this product will break the monopoly of foreign brands in the mining mixer Market. Although the csm45 mining mixer has not yet entered the approval stage, please leave your name and basic information (unit or address) on the market, but the product has received reservations from many mine tunnel customers. It can be predicted that the csm45 mining mixer will become a sharp tool in the hands of customers in the future and open a new chapter in China's mine tunnel construction

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