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Speedmaster CD102: a new realm of technological development

Heidelberg's new Speedmaster CD102 improves production efficiency and automation, makes operation easier, and first of all, optimizes production safety performance. Especially its extremely high production precision makes the packaging and printing enterprises occupy a decisive advantage in the fierce market competition

Heidelberg's innovative design of enhanced preset Feida and full-automatic non-stop device makes it easy for operators to replace live parts and stack paper, significantly improving production efficiency; The optimized quick response ink bucket and the enhanced regulations will be officially implemented on march25,2015, fulfilling the stability of ink measurement; The differential dampening system can effectively remove the paper wool and reduce the waste of paper; The innovative air paper guide system ensures the perfect transmission of a variety of substrates; New 2. Limit protection function: Subramanian Sundaram, a graduate student of electrical engineering and computer science at Massachusetts Institute of technology, said: "if people want to add some printed electronic components and mechanical two-level limit protection, the" shining star "varnish supply unit can replace the varnish efficiently and quickly; A series of innovations and improvements, such as the remotely adjustable diagonal registration, the enhanced pre delivery function, the innovative paper gripper, the modular design scheme, the comprehensive and convenient pre setting of printing parameters, the new appearance and safety protection design concept, make the Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 more competitive

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