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Delta's three automation products have all won the 19th "Taiwan excellent product award"

recently, the 19th Taiwan excellent product award has attracted the attention of the industry. After more than two months of written review and on-site evaluation, and careful selection by more than 70 well-known scholars and experts, the final list of winners has been announced. The three products of delta, the world's leading industrial automation brand, C2000 frequency converter, B-series HMI and ES2 series PLC, stand out among many works and won the Taiwan Quality Award. The affirmation of authoritative selection once again confirms the excellent performance and exquisite design of delta automation

as a grand selection event highly valued by the industry, the Taiwan boutique award has been supported and favored by many international well-known manufacturers since its inception. The selection criteria of Taiwan boutique awards focus on research and development, design, marketing and quality, and run through with the concept of innovative value. In terms of R & D, the company has not relied on "cutting corners" to increase the market share of enterprises, and has developed forward-looking and competitive core technologies; At the design level, it pays attention to the integration of design creativity and gives consideration to technology, function and aesthetics; In the marketing field, global and diversified brand promotion, as well as complete and continuous customer service, are indispensable elements; In the quality selection, it is required to obtain international standard certification and domestic and foreign awards, and have a complete quality assurance system

Delta's three winning products have previously been recognized by the 2010 German red dot product design award, and this award is well deserved. As the representative of delta star products, C2000 inverter has made a major breakthrough in research and development. It takes foc (magnetic field oriented control) as the core, integrates and develops four control modes and four main application controls, meets the application needs of most industries, and leads the trend of advanced control technology. In terms of hardware design, the C2000 series inverter uses the latest generation of 32-bit CPU (133MHz) plus floating-point arithmetic unit, and is equipped with another core PCP (peripheral control processor, 133MHz) responsible for peripheral work such as keypad, MODBUS, monitor, communication card, etc., making the C2000 a dual core system

delta B series HMI has unique design and excellent performance of wide vision and unlimited touch. At the same time, it adopts 65536 color LCD and new 2D drawing acceleration technology to provide customers with fine and high-quality display. What is worth mentioning is that this series of panels fully adopt mercury free LED backlight sources, and implement Delta's business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth

es2 series is a rising star of Delta PLC family. It can replace as few fixtures as possible. It meets all the expectations of users for PLC. Within less than one year after its introduction, the sales volume has greatly exceeded the expectations. While maintaining the price level of DVP es basic PLC, ES2 series provides more efficient operation speed and more complete expansion modules. Its high compatibility, perfect confidentiality and support for green environmental protection have laid a solid foundation for its long-term development

the three major products of delta won the award together, which not only affirmed its strong strength in R & D, innovation and design, but also improved the competitiveness of delta brand in the global market, creating a new milestone for the internationalization of delta, with tax revenue reaching 1.5 billion yuan. In the future, Delta will continue to be deeply rooted in these three product areas, while increasing the investment and research and development of other automation products, so as to bring better product quality and services to global users

About Delta Electronics Group

founded in 1971, Delta Electronics has become the world's largest ODM power supplier and a major supplier in the fields of DC fans, consumer electronic components, video, communication networks and industrial automation. In 2008, the group's revenue exceeded US $5.3 billion

delta takes environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth as its business mission, is committed to improving product efficiency and developing alternative energy products, and implements the concept of green product design and production. Since 2006, the new global factory offices have adopted the green building concept. Delta Tainan factory is the first factory office building in Taiwan to obtain the diamond green building certification, saving 30% of energy and 40% of water resources compared with ordinary buildings

in the field of industrial automation, Delta, with its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, has been able to provide color matching for customers since 19. Since it began to produce frequency converters in 1995, the product line has been expanding. So far, Delta has owned complete, advanced and reliable automation products in three categories: drive, control and motion, and is promoting the continuous progress of automation technology in the world with infinite innovation

about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 1992. It is committed to the perfect combination of energy-efficient technology and application engineering to provide industrial users with high-quality and environmental friendly power energy, video display, industrial automation integration solutions and services

Zhongda Diantong has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international certifications, and is the first to implement the EU ROHS directive. It has established a supplier evaluation system to ensure that the production raw materials comply with relevant environmental protection specifications, and to provide industrial users with high-quality, environmentally friendly scientific and technological products. The 35 branches and service points throughout the country can respond to customer needs in time and create competitive advantages

in the field of industrial automation, relying on the high-quality products of the parent company Delta, Zhongda Diantong has a deep understanding of the industry process, provides customized integration solutions and global joint insurance services, and is well known to customers in many industries, including textile, machine tool, printing, packaging, building, machinery and so on

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