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Concealed works is a key project in home furnishing. When decorating, ignoring any small problems in concealed works will make us regret it after we check in

concealed work is a key project in home furnishing. When decorating, ignoring any small problems in concealed work will make us regret it after we check in! The quality of concealed works is very important. If the concealed works are constructed carelessly, our future quality of life will be greatly affected. 1. Balcony waterway some families want to open a waterway on the balcony. In many cases, the water pipe needs to pass through the living room. If there is a problem with the balcony waterway, the whole living room will be seriously affected. Solution: if the balcony is close to the kitchen or bathroom, the waterway of the balcony is best connected from the kitchen or bathroom. Try to “ Walk on the top but not on the ground ”, In this way, it is also convenient for us to repair after problems occur. The waterway of the balcony should be equipped with a separate water valve. When necessary, we can directly close the water valve to reduce losses. 2. Sewer blockage the ground slope of some toilets is too gentle, which can easily lead to slow drainage of sewers, and the ground is very easy to leave dirt, and the floor drain is also easy to be blocked. If the floor drain is not located at the lowest point of the whole ground, it is difficult to completely drain the water on the ground. Solution: the ground with floor drain must have a certain inclination angle, and the location of the floor drain should be located at the lowest point of the whole ground. If the floor drain is in the middle of a whole tile, it must not be at the lowest point of the whole ground. The surrounding of the water outlet should be clean and smooth to prevent the blockage caused by the hanging stains. 3. All strong and weak wires in the home need to be threaded into the threading pipe and then buried in the wall. When the wire is not long enough, a joint sheath box should be set in the threading pipe, and the wires should be connected in the sheath box to ensure that the wires in the threading pipe have no joints and kinks. In order to save trouble, some construction teams often ignore these details during construction. Solution: during the construction of circuit transformation, the owner must do the on-site supervision to prevent the construction operation of the construction team from being nonstandard. Wires must not be directly buried in the wall, and the joints of wires must not be directly exposed. All wire connections and branches must be carried out in the sheath box. 4. Wire color separation some families use the same kind of wire to arrange the circuit wiring, and there is no distinction in color, which is completely inconsistent with the construction specifications, and will also cause great interference to our future circuit maintenance. Solution: when wiring the circuit, the wires used must be distinguished in color, which greatly facilitates future inspection and maintenance, and also ensures our power safety to a certain extent. 5. Before the decoration of the wall and ground, if the base is not treated well, the effect of the later decoration will not be very good, and the wall and ground are also very prone to various conditions. Solution: Grassroots treatment is very important, and we must pay attention to it. Keep the base clean, no matter it is necessary to chisel, level the base and apply putty, the treatment that should be done must be done well. 6. Ceiling manhole

when installing the ceiling, in order to be beautiful, the location of the manhole is often not reserved, but there are many waterways and circuit distribution in the ceiling. If there is a problem, it will become very troublesome to have no manhole. Solution: consult with designers and professional ceiling installers to set an access hole in the concealed part of the ceiling, or use certain means to decorate the access hole, which will not affect the beauty, but also ensure its role





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