Yinhu Xincheng 80 square meters modern simple deco

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The warm color home decoration style is loved by many netizens. The small house type of 80 square meters makes reasonable use of space, and is applied in a relatively good place in the collocation of colors, which is very warm. Today I will show you a set of cases. Decoration community: Yinhu Xincheng decoration style: modern simple decoration area: 80 square meters decoration cost: 60000 decoration companies: decoration companies recommended by the decoration bidding

the living room and dining room are almost in the same place, so the sofa is placed at the corner, and there is nothing to see

sitting on the sofa, you can see that the diagonally opposite is the entrance, and the structure is quite satisfactory

the restaurant adopts the Nordic log style. Is it very similar to the color of the floor and integrated

from another angle of the sofa, there is a large decorative painting behind the sofa. Let's decorate the wall like this




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