May day promotes the upsurge of 51 home decoration

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May is the season of spring and summer, and the return to Nantian in the South also says goodbye completely. Spring and summer alternate, in addition to the beautiful scenery, it is a good time for decoration. The temperature is appropriate, and the decoration materials should not be deformed

May is the season of alternating spring and summer. Huinantian in the South also says goodbye completely. Spring and summer alternate, in addition to the beautiful scenery, it is a good time for decoration. The temperature is appropriate, and the decoration materials should not be deformed

what is more important is the 51 promotion of Oushennuo ceramics, which starts from 9.9 yuan/m2 for municipal tiles in departments, and special offers for 6 cost-effective products

classic full glaze ・ everyone's choice

although new products emerge in endlessly on the market, full glaze products are still popular with the public. With its rich and diverse patterns and textures and comprehensive performance, it has been enduring in the ceramic tile industry

Oushennuo fully glazed tiles adopt a soft polishing technology three times more than the traditional one, with 36 times of soft polishing to create a glass like smoothness and translucency; Fine polishing and grinding, smooth as a mirror. Transparent luxury and beauty light up the whole space. Crystal wear-resistant glaze, extremely low water absorption, antifouling and more wear-resistant

Δ Fully glazed Mocha eln22880s

Δ Fully glazed Mocha eln32580s

# popular beautiful bricks, mocha love #

all say that this is a personalized era, and it is wonderful to be innovative and seek breakthroughs

but the data is not deceptive. Mocha has been highly respected since its launch because of its stability, excellent quality and versatile appearance

the vision of fashion is different from year to year, but Mocha has never fallen behind

Δ Mocha eln22880s paving effect drawing

Δ Mocha eln32580s paving effect drawing

-- kitchen and bathroom tiles, simple and versatile --

when applying tiles in kitchen and bathroom space, colleagues who pay attention to beauty need to pay more attention to practicality. Simple design and clear functional differentiation make you more comfortable in your future home life. For the severely polluted areas in families, choosing a ceramic tile with strong antifouling performance can save more time to enjoy life

osheno ceramic chips burn slowly at high temperature, the bricks are fine, the internal structure is stable, durable, and fresh. Ultra low water absorption, more stringent than national standards, the pursuit of perfection is only to give you a better experience

Δ Glazed tile Louis sands floor tile yl005dr

Δ Glazed porcelain tile Louis sands wall tile yl242p

# simplify it, return to the truth #

don't use too fancy layout, kitchen and bathroom space, performance is the key

deal with oil pollution easily and do not spend more time for cleaning

this is my simplest appeal

Δ Yl005dr/yl242p paving effect drawing

Δ Yl005dr/yl242p paving effect drawing

Δ Yl005dr paving effect picture

-- personalized antique brick, retro avant-garde --

antique brick, as an imported product, is sought after by more and more people. Its rich and colorful shape and unique charm have brought amazing visual effects to people

it is not only beautiful, but also functional, which is even more surprising. Many people have a concern when buying antique bricks. Whether the surface has concave convex texture will be difficult to clean. After a long time of use, the color will change. But in essence, there is a layer of glaze on the pigment of antique bricks, and the fine glaze layer makes antique bricks as easy to take care of as glazed bricks. The pigment is under the glaze, so there is no fading

Δ Antique Matt brick Fengyi en10260s

Δ Antique matte brick style en10360s

# light luxury feeling #

how many friends who like matte sanding are interested in his low-key, simple, yet luxurious "light luxury feeling?

just a simple solid color, it can be full of style.

this" matte gray "is indispensable for the recent hot" industrial style "and" Nordic style "

Δ En10260s paving effect drawing

Δ En10260s+en10360s paving effect drawing

Δ En10360s tiling effect drawing

for more 51 activity details, please consult the store clerk at the store

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activity information. I knew it long ago

relying on strong R & D strength and adhering to the heart of craftsmen, osheno ceramics is leading the trend of the home furnishing industry with high-end ceramic products, innovative ideas and practical projects. Throughout the development process of Oushennuo ceramics, we always adhere to promoting the innovation of products and concepts, and constantly break through new situations. Keep improving products, introduce VR texture experience into the space, and constantly meet the needs of consumers for products and services. In 2017, we will continue to promote the "big cloud business" project, and osheno will provide consumers with better products, services and one-stop exclusive customization services for the overall space of ceramic tiles





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