Shuangyu seeks art between glass and wooden door

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Can we also create a unique "art" by putting glass and wooden doors together? Double feather wooden door takes you to find out

wood and glass,

are the creative materials loved by artists,

they can specialize in the same material and make exquisite works of art

it can also combine glass and wood,

melt the surprise higher than life

American artist Scott slagerman's work


putting glass and wooden doors together,

can you also create a unique "art" of

considering that glass wooden doors are mostly suitable for kitchens,

toilets and other areas,

Shuangyu starts from the needs of real life,

while meeting the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning,

anti scouring and so on,

also in the collocation of glass and wooden doors,

looking for art and adding personality,

plays a decorative role in the overall space

Seoul time

the whole piece of glass is embedded,

the segmentation and decoration of lines

horizontally and vertically,

enjoy the idyllic time quietly

Seoul time discards complicated carvings,

with symmetrical beauty,

creates a fresh and natural landscape,

and makes the glass and wooden doors perfectly integrated

while the glass blocks the vision,

achieves the permeability of light,

makes the space full of unknown mystery

Rose Manor

the interaction between parallel lines,

countless diamonds were born

wooden doors are no longer ordinary,

are adding a sense of hierarchy to the space

the layers in the Rose Manor are clear,

between the glass and the wooden door,

there is a little sense of order

its lively and open rhythm makes it simple, fashionable and artistic. It is the precipitation of modern residential culture


if, many times,

do you think life is ordinary

then, starting from the door,

open the romance of three meals and four seasons

romantic in design,

adds a thick three-dimensional sense

the natural wood,

coupled with transparent and opaque glass,

in the bright haze,

releases a trace of light to light up the interior,

adds infinite artistic color to life





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